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Peer Review: Explanation

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FeedbackFruits Peer Review is a handy module that allows you to have students hand in assignments that they can then review among themselves and provide feedback. As a lecturer, you can then give a final assessment.

This tool facilitates peer learning and will guide students through giving feedback to their peers in a structured manner, allowing for learning and process efficiency to be optimized.

Various aspects of peer feedback, such as the social nature, positively influence the learning process and motivation of students. The process allows them to familiarize themselves with the work of others and the assessment criteria, thus gaining a deeper understanding of the project expectations. Students also train their critical reading and self-regulatory skills, through reading the work of their peers and reflecting on their own. The process of comparison between their work and their peers creates the opportunity to identify gaps between their current performance, expected performance and their desired performance.

Create a Peer Review

To create a Peer Review, click on Add Existing under content and then on FeedbackFruits.

Add content Menu

Click on Peer Review.

Feedbackfruit menu

To get the instructions clearly arranged on your screen, you can click on Go fullscreen.

Here you can give the assignment a name by clicking on Peer Review Name at the top.

The first heading: Instructions

  1. This is the instruction that students see before they start on the assignment. 
  2. Select whether the students hand in and review individually or work together as a group.

Second heading: Submissions

  1. Decide on the number of files that need to be handed in. 
  2. Choose a deadline for the assignment submission. 
  3. Decide on the allowed file types.
  4. Decide whether or not students can see each others name. Instructors will always be able to see the students names.
  5. Decide if the handed in assignments will be visible to all or only to the reviewers.
  6. Here you can give any additional instructions.

Third heading: Given reviews

Given reviews
  1. Enter the criteria. This can be either a rubric, a scale rating or written feedaback. This video .
  2. Decide on how many peers need to be reviewed by each student.
  3. If you turn this option on, students first need to review their own submission before reviewing others.
  4. Create a deadline for handing in the reviews.
  5. Here you can choose to manually allocate students or have it done automatically.
  6. Decide whether or not students can see the reviewer's name. Instructors will always be able to see the students names.
  7. Determine when students recieve their feedback. (immediately or after a specific date)
  8. Extra instructions that students can see when they are reviewing.

Forth heading: Received reviews en Grading

Received reviews
  1. Give students the option to give feedback to the reviewer
  2. Configure  all facets that contribute to the student's grade.
  3. Choose whether the grade is shown as a percentage or as pass/fail.

Editing  a Peer Review assignment

After creating a Peer Review assignment you can find it in the content area. If you click on the assignment you will see an overview. The overview shows how many students have handed in their assignment and how many have already been reviewed. You can also still edit the assignment by clicking on the EDIT button.


If you click on the button left of  "EDIT" you will have an enlarged view.

In this screen you can edit the assignment when needed. Don't forget to click SAVE after editing the assignment.

Editing the assignment when some students have already handed in their assignments, can influence the assignments that have already been handed in. 

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