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How can I view grades of students who unenrolled from a course?

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When students unenroll from your course, they will disappear in the Grades overview. However, you are still able to see their grades via Enrolment Statistics in the Classlist. This article will explain how you can access grades of unenrolled students.

Please note that if a student became inactive (for example, the student is no longer studying at Leiden University) while still being enrolled in your course, you cannot access their grades this way.

Please refer to this article in case you need to check the grades of inactive students. 

Go to Course Tools > Classlist.

Classlist - 2021-S1 English 101 - Leiden University - Mozilla Firefox

Click on Enrolment Statistics

Enrolment Statistics - 2021-S1 English 101 - Leiden University - Mozilla Firefox

Scroll down until you see Withdrawals.

  1. Click on the arrow next to the student's name
  2. Next, click on View grades

The screenshot shown below is an example of what you will see. All individual grade items and their scores are presented under each other.

Alika Test Student-SEA - 2021-S1 English 101 - Leiden University - Mozilla Firefox
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