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How do I create a (statistical) report of a Quiz?

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You can generate a statistical report of a Quiz. This article explains how to create and view a statistical report. 

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Generate a quiz report to:

  • Analyze your quiz based on statistics about your quiz questions and the achieved scores;
  • View anonymous quiz data (statistics) without being logged into Brightspace;
  • Share anonymous quiz data with other users (for example with colleagues that have a different role in Brightspace and do not have access to the quiz statistics page with their privileges).

Create a report

  • Navigate to Course Tools in the navbar of your course.
  • Click Quizzes. You will land on the quiz homepage.
  • Navigate to the context menu of  the Quiz you would like to create a report of.
  1. Click on Setup Reports
  2. Click on Add Report.
  • Fill in a Report Name.
  • Tick which data you do/do not want to include in the report (click the question mark icon for more information on the different options that are available).
  • Below Release choose whether you want to release the report directly (immediately) or set a specific date. 
  • Tick which Brightspace role(s) you want to provide with access to the report (you can create multiple reports for a quiz). 
  • Click Save to return to the Reports Setup tab. You will see an overview of all the reports you created for this specific quiz.

View a report

You have easy access to the reports of a quiz via the quiz quick-menu. To do so, go to the quiz homepage and click the fold-out arrow next to a quiz and then click Reports.

  • Click the title of the report you would like to view.
  • Fill in a time frame that you would like the report to be based on. (optional)
  • Click Generate CSV to generate the report as a csv-file.
  • Click Generate Excel to generate the report as an Excel-file.
  • Click Generate HTML to generate the report in your browser. 
  • You will see the statistics you have selected at the Reports Setup.
  • Click Print Report to print the statistics.
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