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How do I manage and edit my Kaltura videos?

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This article explains how you can manage and edit Kaltura videos. 

You can manage all of your Kaltura videos via Kaltura My Media. In here you can also edit individual video information. 

From your personal homepage (this is not in your course, click on the University Leiden logo on the top left of your screen to jump to your homepage):

  • Click on My Brightspace in the topnavbar
  • Click on Kaltura My Media 

Kaltura My Media overview

Within Kaltura My Media you have several options:

  • Search for any media in your My Media library
  • Add new media
  • Perform bulk delete/publish actions
  • Refresh the My Media library
  • Delete individual entries
  • Edit individual entries

Delete video entries from Kaltura My Media

Only private videos can be deleted directly. This is due to the fact that published videos are still embedded in courses/placed in a course Kaltura Media Gallery.

Please follow the steps below if you want to delete a Published video from your Kaltura My Media.

  • Click on My Brightspace in the topnavbar of your personal homepage
  • Click on Kaltura My Media
  • Click on Published of the video you want to delete to see in which courses the video is available
  • An overview will be presented with all the courses and how the video is made available

There are two possibilities:

  1. A video is Published in Kaltura Media Gallery: you need to go to that course Kaltura Media Gallery and remove video from channel.
  2. A video is Embedded in Content: you need to go to that course and delete the video from the course content.

You can now delete the video from Kaltura My Media.

Edit a video

To edit a video click on the pencil icon next to the video entry.

  1. Details: edit general information
  2. Options: disable comments or clipping
  3. Collaboration: Change Media owners or add Media Collaborators
  4. Thumbnail: Adjust the thumbnail for the video.
  5. Downloads: Enable downloads of the video
  6. Captions: Upload captions to the video
  7. Attachments: Upload files as attachment to the video
  8. Timeline: Create chapters in the video
  9. Launch Editor: Launch the Kaltura video editor.

Please see this website for extensive Kaltura Guides for more information on the video settings.

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