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September 2022 - 16/09/2022

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The new Brightspace release is available from 16 September 2022 10:00.

New Features


All Brightspace users are now able to set their pronouns in account settings.

If a user allows other users to see their pronouns, these will be visible in the classlist, discussions and everywhere the profile card is shown.

Please be aware setting your pronouns and making them visible within an application is currently only supported within Brightspace. You are not able to set pronouns within other educational applications, nor will your pronouns set in Brightspace appear in other applications.

For more information about setting up pronouns in Brightspace, please review this article.


Classlist - Easily access and view sections for specific users

Instructors can now check group and section enrollments for individual students. You can check group and/or section enrollments by clicking the chevron next to the student's name.

Previously instructors were only able to check group enrollments through this option.

If a course does not have sections, the view sections option will not be available.

Quizzes – Reduce test anxiety by creating quizzes without time limits

It is now possible to create quizzes without a time limit. This is now also the default setting when creating a new quiz.

Students will see Time Allowed: Unlimited on the quiz summary page.

SCORM – Review/Retake default updated with language and visual improvements

SCORM objects are now handled natively instead of through a wrapper, which should improve its performance.

The Review/Retake option for all new SCORM objects now defaults to Do not add review/retake.

Associated SCORM activity Grade items are labeled as Content Service grade. Any location that displays this information is updated to this grade is associated with the content object <name>. These changes better reflect the location of the SCORM object. 

Previously, these labels were LTI grade and this grade is associated with the LTI link <name>.

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