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June 2022 - 17/06/2022

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The new Brightspace release is available from 17 June 2022 10:00.


Assignments –Save time by copying assignments to other courses you teach

Instructors who teach several courses  are now able to copy assignments between their courses. Instructors are able to copy assignments to up to 10 courses at the same time. When copying over an assignment, you are also able to copy over the relevant rubric(s) and grade item.

For more information on the Copy to Other Courses functionality, please consult the How do I use assignments? article.

Please note that this is an additional way to copy assignments without using copying course components,  see this article for more information

Manage Files –New/Edit File workflow change

Previously, when the New File or Edit File option from Manage Files was chosen, users would see a dialog open that had to be moved or expanded to become properly visible. If users attempted to use the advanced code editor (source code editor), they had to open a second dialog that was not sized correctly and couldnt be resized due to constraints from the first dialog. 

Now, the New File and Edit File options in Manage Files open in a new tab in the user's browser in order to support more efficient editing. By allowing the editor to open in a new tab, the advanced code editor dialog now opens fully.  

Rubrics - Quickly determine a Rubrics state with archived tags and selection list descriptions

The archive functionality for rubrics has been improved. Rubrics with the archived status can now still be used to evaluate an activity, if the rubric has been added to the activity before it was archived.

Rubrics that have been evaluated will keep their evaluations even if they are archived and students will still be able to see the feedback for archived rubrics. Keep in mind that archived rubrics cannot be added to assignments.

Archived rubrics now show the archived tag in an activity (both in the activity creation as well as the activity evaluation workflow), though this tag is only visible to instructors and not to students.

When selecting a rubric for an activity using the rubric picker, the rubric description will also be shown.

There is now a help section for rubric statuses explaining the various statuses for rubrics.

For more information on rubrics in Brightspace, see the Rubric chapter.

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