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August 2022 - 19/08/2022

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The new Brightspace release is available from 19 August 2022 10:00.

Please be advised to check out the new changes regarding the New Quiz Creation Experience and the new Quiz Evaluation & Feedback settings.

New Features

Quizzes - New Quiz Creation Experience

The interface for creating and editing quizzes has changed and now resembles the Assignment creation and editing interface.

Please be aware that the settings for Evaluation & Feedback have changed. Auto-publish attempt results immediately upon completion and Synchronize to grade book on publish (if the quiz is linked to a grade item) are set to ON by default which is a change from the old Quiz creation interface.

Please review the How do I create a quiz manual to familiarize yourself with the new interface.



The way FeedbackFruit modules are placed in the content section of your course has changed.

Previously, you would add a FeedbackFruits module to your course content via Add Existing > More > Third Party and then selecting the module you wanted to add.

Now all FeedbackFruits modules are listed under Add Existing > FeedbackFruits 1.3. All the modules will be available to add your course through the main FeedbackFruits option. You will also be able to select previously added modules from the COPY FROM EXISTING tab inside the main FeedbackFruits module.

For more information please read the FeedbackFruits articles.

Assignments - Access new shortcuts to undo and redo PDF annotations on evaluations

Instructors will now be able to undo or redo PDF annotations through the undo and redo buttons or keyboard shortcuts.

Previously, you would have use the eraser functionality or delete button to remove PDF annotations.

Now you can either use the undo/redo buttons or use the keyboard shortcuts listed below

  • Undo
    • Windows: Control-z
    • MAC OS: Command-z
  • Redo:
    • Windows: Control-Shift-z
    • MAC OS: Command-Shift-z

Assignments –Apply the filters Show everyone and Show all groups for individual and group assignments

The default search filter in Assignments overview is now set to Show everyone for individual assignments and Show all groups for group assignments. 

Previously this was set to Users with submissions for individual assignments and Submitted groups for group assignments.

Brightspace Editor – Easily insert code snippets with the Insert Code option

Adding code snippets in the Brightspace Editor can now be done through the Other Insert Options > Insert Code instead of using <code> tags in the HTML file.

Adding code snippets through the Insert Code option allows you to set the language for the code snippet and select a dark or light theme for the code snippet box.

Quizzes - Save time and prevent data loss with the Restore Deleted Quizzes functionality

Instructors will now be able to restore deleted quizzes through the Restore Deleted Quizzes Functionality.

If a quiz has been deleted, the quiz can be restored by clicking the More Actions button and selecting Restore. Here you will find an overview of deleted quizzes available to be restored .This overview will also show who deleted the quiz.

Restored quizzes automatically have any associated quiz attempts that were already taken, statistics, and scores for those quiz attempts restored as well.

Please note that links to a grade item are not restored automatically and will have to be restored manually.

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