Support site - BrightspaceInstructors - English TurnitinHow do I create a Turnitin Assignment?

How do I create a Turnitin Assignment?

  • Go to Course Tools in the navigation bar of your course
  • Click on Assignments
  • Click on New Assignment.

Basic Properties of the Turnitin Assignment

  1. Enter a title for your Turnitin Assignment
  2. Enter instructions as desired
  3. Add attachments as desired

Submission settings for the Turnitin Assignment

With the settings below originality reports on submission will be automatically generated, so you can immediately see a plagiarism score and start evaluation upon submission.

  1. Make sure File submission is selected
  2. Select one file under Files Allowed per Submission
  3. Select only one submission allowed under Submissions

Of course there might be some cases where you might want to allow more submissions per student, but this implies you need to some work yourself before you can start evaluating feedback. At this moment we are working on the documentation for these specific cases. See All About Turnitin manual to see which manuals / cases are already available.

Please do not hesitate to contact us via the Helpsdeskportal, in case you have questions on these matters.

Evaluation and Feedback settings for the Turnitin Assignment

In case you want to register the Turnitin grade into the Brightspace Gradebook, use the settings as shown below:

  1. Enter a Score Out Of 100
  2. Attach an existing grade item
    • NB Make sure the existing Grade Item has also a max score of 100 instead of 10.

Did you know that Feedback Studio does not accept decimal numbers? That is why you need to enter a score of 100 instead of 10. Doing so you are able to grade submission with e.g. 85 out of 100 what will be transformed to an 8.5 in the Brightspace Gradebook by the attached grade scheme.

As you can see in the Student View Preview highlighted above students will just see a grade on a scale from 0-10. 

Enter a Due Date

To ensure the Turnitin similarity scores are accountable we advise you to always enter a Due Date. Moreover,  setting a due date helps setting clear deadlines for your students. Due Dates will automatically appear in the Course Calendar. 

Please note, that students are still able to upload a submission after the Due Date has passed. Of course, you will see in the submissions overview which students were late. You can use this information (e.g., # of hours late) to determine if/how you want to apply a late submission policy. 

One of the perks of allowing submissions after the deadline, is that you are still able to check their work on plagiarism and assess/archive their subimission. This is also less cumbersome than the steps you would need to take if you need to submit a file on behalf of a student in

In case you really do not want students to submit after the deadline, please see here about Restricting Access to your Turnitin Assignment.

  1. Navigate to the Restrictions Tab
  2. Check the box of Has Due Date and enter the date as desired.

What about the Availability

The availabilty controls when students can access the assignment and the published feedback on that assignment. Please see here about more information on the Availability and restricting access to your Turnitin Assignment.

Finally, enable Turnitin

  1. Navigate to the Turnitin Tab.
  2. Check the box Enable GradeMark for this folder.
  3. Leave Transfer on Automatically sync, otherwise grades will not be transferred to the Brightspace Gradebook. 
  4. Optional: Check the Display box in case you want students to be able to see their plagiarism score as well, after you have published the feedback.
  5. Click on More Options in Turnitin to set make sure your settings are set as stated in this article: Check your Turnitin Settings.
    • Please see this extensive manual on More Options in Turnitin if you want to know more about the possible impact and the why. 

In most cases you just need to check the first box and you're done. We highly recommend not to change the Transfer or Frequency settings, unless you want to manually submit each submission into Turnitin yourself. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us via the Helpsdeskportal, in case you have questions on these matters.