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How does Microsoft Teams work in my Brightspace course?

Microsoft Teams is connected with your Brightspace course through the so called Microsoft Teams Course connector. This is an integrated connection that will create a Team within Microsoft Teams, corresponding with your Brightspace course. Next to creating a Team, the connector also adds the instructors and students.

How do I create a Team for my course?

Please note that users that are not known in Leiden University's O365 directory cannot create a Team in a course. You can check this, based on the extension of your work e-mail adresse. Please see here for more information.

A Team is not created by default for your course. As an instructor you can decide for yourself if a Team is useful/necessary for your course. Teams can be created from the Microsoft Teams widget on the Course Home page. The widget is visible at the bottom of your Course Home and appears like this:

Click on Create Course Team. The next screen will pop up.

You can decide if Learners (students) should have the right to create private channels. Select your preference and click on Create Course Team. The next screen will pop up and within a few minutes, the Team will be created.

After your Team has been created, the next screen will pop up. Click on Open Your Team and you will be redirected to your Team in Microsoft Teams. You can still change the rights for students to create private channels under 'Edit Settings'. 

What role is assigned to which user within the Team?

When creating the Team, the users on the classlist in Brightspace will be automatically added to the Team. The role of the user within the Brightspace course, determines the role of the user within the Team. Please refer to the table below to see who gets what role. Other Brightspace users with different roles that are not mentioned in the table below, will not be added to the Team. 

Brightspace Role MS Teams Role
Instructor Owner
Assistant Instructor Owner
Tutor Member
Grader Member
Student Member

Please note that when student assistants are added in a Brightspace course with a guest account, their permissions in a linked MS Teams environment are limited. When instructors adjust the permissions of a student assistant, it will be synced back to Brightspace after an hour and the permissions will disappear again.

Can I add users in my Teams environment?

Every hour a comparison between Brightspace and Microsoft Teams will take place automatically. Users that are manual added to Teams, but are not present on the classlist in Brightspace, will be removed from the Teams environment. 

Therefore you should never add users manual to a Teams environment that is created via Brightspace, but enroll users in your course to grant them access to Teams. 

What happens if students enroll or unenroll from the Brightspace course after the Team has been created?

Every hour a comparison between Brightspace and Microsoft Teams will take place automatically. New students or instructors that were added to the Brightspace course, will be added to the Team as well. An unenrollment from Brightspace will ensure the student will be removed from the Team. If a student is accidentally removed from the Team, the student will be re-instated the next hour. Brightspace is and will remain the main source for users added to the Team (including the role they have within that Team).

Check the standard permissions of students within a Team

Within Teams, there are different type of teams. The type of team that is created by the Course Connector is a 'Standard Team'. Within a standard team, members have quite a few rights. For instance they are able to add other members, make (private) channels and add other applications to the Team. 

For most educational uses of Teams, it is not preferable for students to have so many rights. We therefore strongly recommend to check the permissions of your Team and set them to your preferred settings. 

Member permissions and other settings can be found under the tab Settings, through the Manage Team menu. See the screens below.

  1. Click on the three dots next to your Team's name.
  2. Click on Manage team.
  3. Click on Settings.
  4. Select or deselect the member permissions you want to use.

Can I connect an existing Team to my Brightspace course?

No, unfortunately at the moment this is not possible.