Grading Students

This article covers the options for grading students within Brightspace or how to get grades into the gradebook.


There are 3 ways to get grades into the gradebook:

Grading via Assessment tools

Whenever you associate a grade item to an assesment tool, e.g. an assignment, the grade you give in the assessment tool will be transferred to the gradebook. This enables to keep reviewing assessmetns and provide feedback, without going back and forth between the assessment and grades tool. 

Please note that you can always manually adjust grades in the gradebook if needed.

Check out these step by step manuals on:

Entering Grades manually in the Grades tool in Brigtspace

Entering grades manually can come in handy whenever the assessment you want to evaluate takes out of Brightspace, e.g. a presentation or an exam. 

Please see the video below for clear instructions on how to enter grades in the gradebook. 

Import grades from csv/excel

Importing grades can come in handy whenever you want to transfer grades from another system or your own grades administration into Brightsapce. 

Check out this extensive article on importing grades.