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How do I add LabBuddy to my Course and Content?

LabBuddy is only available for LUMC.

What is LabBuddy?

LabBuddy helps lab teachers to provide better inquiry based education through specialised software. It ensures that students prepare before coming to their laboratory classes, supports the acquisition of academic skills, and helps students to stay focused. It also frees up many hours of teacher time because students no longer ask practical questions unrelated to the class’s learning goals.

How do I use LabBuddy?


Follow these steps to place a link to LabBuddy:

  1. Navigate to Content.
  2. Select the unit/lesson where you want to place LabBuddy link.
  3. Click on Create New.
  4. Click on External Tool Activity. 
  1. Insert a title and the link to the module.
  2. Click on Create and Insert.

Please note that LabBuddy links always need to open in a new tab/window, otherwise the tool will not work.

  1. After placing the link in your course, click on the three dots to edit the link.
  2. Select Open in new tab.
  3. Click on Save.