Known Issues

This article covers the current known issues in Brightspace. 

Last updated - 05/08/2020

Kaltura Media showing Access Denied error

Issue reported: 05/08/2020

Summary: Embedding  Kaltura media in your course offering will sometimes result in an Access Denied error being shown instead.

When does this issue occur: This issue can occur when a Kaltura media item with a description is embedded into a course offering.

Cause: This issue is caused by an HTML parsing bug in Brightspace. At this time the bug is under investigation by our supplier's development teams.

Steps to reproduce: When embedding a Kaltura video through the 'Add Existing' >'Add Kaltura Media" options or through 'Create New' > 'HTML Document' > 'Insert Stuff' > 'Add Kaltura Media', the error message listed below may be displayed if the video contains a description.

Workaround:  Removing the media description should resolve this issue. Descriptions have been made non-mandatory for the time being.

Current status:  Issue is being investigated.


1. RESOLVED HTML Editor - Cannot copy text format

Issue reported: 23/01/2020

Summary: Font, color and style can not be copied and pasted within HTML files. 

Cause: This issue is caused by a bug in the system. At this time the bug is under investigation by our supplier's development teams.

Issue fixed: 25/06/2020

When does the issue occur?

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go to the Content area of your course
  2. Click on Edit of an existing HTML document
  3. Select and copy formatted text (e.g. headings, bold or colored text).
  4. Paste the formatted text 

Expected behavior:  The copied text retains it's formatting.

Observed behavior: The text is pasted without formatting. 

Workaround - Copy paste HTML code


Although the workaround is cumbersome, it is possible to retain the formatted text when you copy and paste the HTML source code. 

Please follow the steps below if you want to copy and paste formatted text:

  1. Create or Edit an HTML document
  2. Click on the HTML Source Editor Icon </>
  3. Copy the HTML source code
  4. Paste the copied code as desired.

1.1. Workaround - External HTML converter

There is another workaround available, which makes things slightly easier. 

  1. Copy all content to a text editor such as Microsoft Word. This will include any and all hyperlinks in the content.
  2. Make all desired changes.
  3. Copy the text from your text editor and paste it into a HTML-converter, such as
  4. Copy the source code generated by the converter and paste it into the HTML Source Code Editor in Brightspace.

This workaround does not guarantee 100% success, but aims to simplify HTML editing. Using third party tools such as the HTML-converter is always at your own risk. 

2. RESOLVED Document Preview Unavailable

Issue reported: 24/04/2020 14:00

Summary: Users might experience an infinite loading screen, whilst trying to view recently placed documents or assignment submissions in Brightspace.

Cause: This issue is caused by an unexpected techincal issue at our supplier's end.

Issue fixed: 24/04/2020 18:15

When does the issue occur?

Please note that PDF's are loaded properly in Brightspace. The issue only concerns files like .docx, .ppt, .excel etc. 

Students - viewing content

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go to the Content area of a course
  2. Go to any Topic that would be a docx / ppt / excel.

Expected behavior:  The document is visible in Brightspace

Observed behavior: An infinite loading icon appears on the screen.

Instructors - placing and viewing content

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go to the Content area of your course
  2. Click on Add
  3. Add a word/ppt/excel document from your computer to the drag and drop box (or click on browse) to place the document in your course. 

Expected behavior:  The recently uploaded file is visbile.

Observed behavior: An infinite loading icon appears on the screen.

This issue does not affect PDF files. Therefore, we advise instructors to upload files in PDF format.

If that is not possible, please take the following into account: 

Although you and your students are unable to see the documents in Brightspace, students are still able to download the document and view it on their own computer. Don't forget to put the document on visible!

Instructors - viewing assignment submissions

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go to an Assignment in your course
  2. Click on a Submission to start assessing with Brightspace Annotation tools

Expected behavior:  the submission file of the student is loaded properly 

Observed behavior: Either an infite loading icon appears on the screen or you'll see a message "Document conversion in progress.."

Please note that Turnitin Feedback Studio is not affected by this issue. Therefore, you can assess students' work without trouble in Turnitin. 

For assignments that do not have Turnitin enabled: We advise you to assess students' submissions offline. Please see here for an extensive manual.

Workaround - Download document

Although you might be unable to see the file in Brightspace, you are able to download documents to your computer. 

Please follow the steps below:

  1. If you see the the load icon keeps turning
  2. Consider to download the document to your computer so you can view the file. 

Workaround - Assess with Turnitin Feedback Studio

If you have enabled Turnitin for an assignment, you are able to assess students' work  in Turnitin Feedback Studio without any troubles.

Please see this extensive manual for more information on how to use Turnitin in Brightspace.

Workaround - Assess submissions offline

Although you might not be able to assess your students' work within Brightspace, you are still able to download their work and assess offline. 

Please see this extensive manual for more information.