Rubrics FAQ and Tips & Tricks

This article will cover some important information and tips and tricks regarding Rubrics.

1. You can not import / export Rubrics

Unfortunately, it is not possible to import or export Rubrics into/from Brightspace. 

You can however, copy Rubrics across courses. 

If you do want to export the assessed rubric, click CRTL+P and save as PDF.

2. Copy a Rubric into another course

Via Copy Components you are able to copy rubrics across courses. 

Just check the Rubrics box if you want to copy all rubrics from that course, or choose a specific rubric to copy.

3. You can not interchange Turnitin Rubrics with Brightspace Rubrics

If you have already created a rubric in Turnitin and want to use that for assessment in Brightspace, you'll need to manually transfer the rubric into Brightspace. 

The benefit of using Brightspace's rubrics instead of Turnitin's, is that the feedback from the rubric and the rubric score can be automatically transferred to Grades after you asses with a rubric. 

Where do students see the rubric?

  1. If a rubric is associated to an assignment or a discussion topic and set to visible. Students can see the rubric before they start the assignment or participate in the discussion. 
  2. Students can see their full completed rubric including feedback in the following places:
    • Grades
    • Assignments tool
    • Discussions tool

Can I place a Rubric as content item?

Yes, you can! 

Either via Insert Quicklink or via Add More Activities. In both cases the student will see the rubric in the same way. However, we strongly recommend to use the Insert Quicklink way. 

Why should I use Insert Quicklink?

In some cases you might want to use a rubric, without linking it to a Brightspace assignment or discussion topic (e.g. oral examination). In case you want to share the rubric with the students as preparation and add a description/text as explanation, you should place the rubric as Quicklink in a HTML file.

Why should I choose Add More Activities?

In case you only want to share the rubric, without any instructions or context, it can be quicker to just add a rubric as a topic in a course.  Please see image above how it will be presented in your course. 

4. Editing a Rubric after evaluation

Sadly, it is not possible to adjust a rubric after the evalution of a student. The following notification will show. We advise you to check the rubric before publishing. There is a possibility to make comments in the evalution of students, which can be adjusted at all times.