Support site - BrightspaceInstructors - English Copyright MaterialsHow do I upload resources to the Copyright Repository?

How do I upload resources to the Copyright Repository?

Only upload a resource to the Copyright Repository if there is absolutely no link available. Please be aware of Copyright Law and possible costs that may be involved. 

The Copyright Repository is a part of the Learning Object Repository (LOR) within Brightspace. This repository is nothing more than a collection of copyright protected resources. Moreover these resources were not available as link within the Leiden Catalogue or any open access database. 

The Copyright Repository is meant as a last resort in case there is absolutely no link available to the resource. 

The Copyright Repository contain short and long extracts of copyright materials (difference is explained on Copyright for Teachers). Almost all of the documents can be considered literature. 

The resources you may find in the Copyright Repository are uploaded by staff members of Leiden University, either by other instructors or other educational staff members. 

You can always refer to what are copyright materials article for a quick overview regarding course materials. 

How do I upload resources to the Copyright Repository?

  1. From the blue navigation bar: 
    • Brightspace Home: Go to My Brightspace > LOR
    • Course Home: Co to Course Tools > LOR
  2. Click on Publish
  3. Upload the resource and click on Next

You will see the screen below:

  1. Publisher: The publisher of the resource
  2. Publication Year: The year that the resource is published
  3. Journal Name: Additional information in case it concerns a article
  4. Section Title: Additional information in case it concerns a section/chapter of a book
  1. Number of pages: how many pages does the file contain?
  2. Number of words: how many words does the file contain?
    • Can be a rough estimation. 
  3. Number of illustrations: how many illustrations does the file contain?
  4. Extract Length: 
    • Unspecified; in case you do not know or if you are unsure
    • Short; here
    • Long; here
  5. Permission: Do you have the document of approval in possession? 
    • Unspecified; in case you do not know or if you are unsure
    • Yes
    • No
  1. Title: We advise to insert the title of the article/book. Or fill in the reference.
  2. Author(s): The author(s) of the resource
  3. Description: Fill in as desired
  4. Keyword: Insert the keywords as they are shown in the article

Select a Thumbnail (small preview image) and click on Publish to add the resource to the LOR. 

Please check also Copyright for Teachers for more explanation or help for filling in the number of words/pages/extract length.