How do I use Quizzes?

This article explains what Quizzes are and how you can use them. 

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Quizzes can be used to create tests. It is possible to let Quizzes be graded automatically in Brightspace. The advantages of using quizzes are as following: 

  • You can make use of a variety of question types and multimedia. 
  • You can analyse elaborate and detailed quiz statistics.
  • You can generate a quiz report to share data. 
  • You can provide effective and specific feedback.

Preferably create all questions in the question library prior to creating a quiz. That way you can quickly and easily import (or re-use) questions in your quiz (or survey). How to go about creating new questions, you can read in the article How do I use the Question Library?

Quiz homepage

  • Navigate to Course Tools in the navbar of your course.
  • Click Quizzes.

This is the Quizzes homepage, the first tab of Quizzes (Manage Quizzes). This is where you see an overview of all Quizzes you have created for a course, and can:

  1. create a New Quiz;
  2. edit quiz categories (Edit Categories);
  3. Add Learning Object, Copy, Reorder, Make Visible to or Hide from Users, or Delete,  Quizzes via More Actions;
  4. sort quizzes in the overview based on Category or Availability: click the arrow, select your preference and click Apply;
  5. open the Quick menu of a quiz;
  6. quick and easily edit multiple quizzes at once via Bulk Edit. This is particularly useful for assigning categories to a quiz or (de)activating them.

Quiz Quick menu

From the Quiz homepage you can easily navigate to different Quizzes via the Quick menu.

  • Click the fold-out arrow behind the name of a quiz and select:
    • Edit to adjust the quiz;
    • Hide from Users to hide the quiz;
    • Preview to see a preview of the quiz/walk through the quiz as if you were a student: 
      • Tick Bypass Restrictions at the top of your page, if you want to bypass any restrictions (for example the maximum amount of attempts) which you set up for (certain) users. 
      • Click Start Quiz! at the bottom of the page to start the quiz. 
      • After having completed the quiz, tick at the bottom of the page whether you want this trial attempt to be evaluated or not. (Please note: Trial attempts do not count for the class statistics of the quiz).
      • Lastly, click Exit Preview. 
  • Click:
    • Delete to delete the quiz;
    • Grade to grade/evaluate the quiz; 
    • Reports to view the quiz report. The report will only become visible after you have walked through the Reports Setup of a quiz (last tab of New Quiz/Edit Quiz). If so desired, you can then export it to a csv- or excel-file;
    • Statistics to navigate to the quiz statistics page; 
    • Attempt Logs for an overview of the attempts made;
    • Publish to LOR to add your quiz to the LOR to either Copy Right Materials (if your quiz makes use of copyrighted content or the Instructor Respository.