How do I create a quiz?

This article explains how to create a quiz and how you can add questions to a quiz. 

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Create a Quiz

Use Quizzes to make tests: you can create both formative and summative assessments and set them to be evaluated automatically.

  • Navigate to Course Tools in the navbar of your course. 
  • Click Quizzes. You will land on the quiz homepage.  
  • Click New Quiz.
  1. Fill in a title for your quiz.
  2. Click Add Category if you want to create a category under which you can categorize this quiz. (for example: Quizzes Semester 1). Fill in a title and click Save. On the quiz homepage you have the option to sort quizzes by Availability or Category. 
  3. Click Add/Edit Questions to add new questions.
  4. Fill in a description/introduction and header/footer if you want to. 
    • Click Expand description/introduction and/or Expand page header/footer if the text boxes are not visible. 
    • Fill in your text in the html-editor. 
  5. (Optional) Click Expand optional advanced properties and:
    • Indicate whether you want hints to be allowed by ticking the box (hints are created per question, but they have to be enabled here. This is useful when you are importing questions that (could) have hints attached to them).
    • Indicate whether you want to disable the right mouse button: this prevents students from being able to print out the quiz questions. 
    • Indicate whether you want the e-mail and instant messaging functionalities of Brightspace to be turned off when students are participating in a quiz. 
    • Under Notification Email fill in an email address if you want to receive notifications of completed quiz attempts (separate multiple addresses with a comma).
  6. Click Save and Close to return to the quiz homepage. 

The data, deadline and time-limit of the quiz can be set at the Restrictions tab. For assessment options (such as attaching a quiz to the grade book) go to the Assessment tab. The Reports Setup can be used to generate a quiz report. This helps you to share quiz data easily with those who do not have access to the Quiz statistics page with their Brightspace role (privileges).  

Adding questions

Please note that the screen above is only shown if your quiz is still empty. 

  1. Click on Add
  2. Click on New Question, to add a single new question
    • See this page for more information on the type of questions you add to a Quiz.
  3. Click on Section to add a Section to your quiz.
  4. Click on Question Pool to add a Question Pool
  5. Or import questions
  6. Finally click on Back to Settings for Sample Quiz when you are done.

Question options

For each question you can set several options. We will demonstrate this with a Multiple Choice question, as shown below. Please note that similar options are also available for other type of Questions.

On the left you will see your question settings and on the right you will see a preview of the question, highlighted in orange.

  1. Here you can select the type of question
  2. In this field you can type the Question Text and add pictures if needed.
  3. Under option you can:
    • Add standard feedback per answer
    • Add a hint.
      • In the example above, we have added hint. Do not forget to turn hints on, in case you want to use hint!
    • Add a short description
    • Add custom weights to answers
    • Add enumeration to the answers
  4. Add the answers
  5. The points the student can receive if he/she answers it correctly.
  6. Hit Save to save the question.

If you click on the arrow next to save, you'll have the option to save and copy this question. This might come in handy if your next question is similar and should have the same settings.

Adding more questions

  • After you have added your first question you will see the screen above.
  • Proceed to add more questions / sections / question pools by clicking on Add or upload a file via Import.
  • Finally, you will see the total number of points in the quiz on the right.


If you select one or more questions by clicking the boxes on the left, the screen above will be visible. This way, you can move a series of questions to the top or the bottom of the Quiz or move them to a pre-made section. 

Videos on how to create a quiz

Below, you can watch videos made by Brightspace supplier D2L. Note: these videos show a Brightspace environment that has a different look and feel to the Universiteit Leiden Brightspace environment.

Video: Create a quiz with New Questions

Video: Create a quiz with Randomized Questions

Video: Create a quiz using Quiz Builder