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How do I export the Classlist, including group enrollments?


In order to export a list from your classlist and/or groups, you need to use the Grades functionality. 

Via Gradesyou can create and print a list of all participants in your course, and even filter by group or section. 

  • Go to Grades in the navbar of your course.
  • Click on the tab Enter Grades.
  • Click on Export.

Be aware that when exporting data from Brightspace, this might contain privacy sensitive information. We ask you to be extra cautious when exporting this data.

In this example, the process is used to export the classlist, excluding grades. 

  1. Select All users if you want to create an attendance list of all the participants in your course and click Apply. Select Groups if you wish to create an attendance list of a group and click  Apply. Use the dropdown menu to select the specific group of which you want to create the attendance list and click Apply for the second time.
  2. Under Key Field you can select Org Defined ID to get the student numbers, Username to get the last names, or Both.
  3. Remove the checks below Grade Values.
  4. You can check the boxes below User Details to include the participant’s Last Name, First Name, Email and Group Membership. The option Group Membership is ideal for creating an overview of all the groups.
  5. Remove the checks (5) and (6) below Choose Grades to Export. Click Export to CSV or Export to Excel.

Click Download to download the file and subsequently open it in Excel or print it directly.

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