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June 2023 -16/06/2023

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The new Brightspace release is available from 16 June 2023 10:00.

Turnitin AI Writing Detection has been disabled

Turnitin AI Writing Detection has been switched off. The tool was a preview version based on an old version of ChatGPT and was found to be unreliable.  Since the tool was launched in April it has been the university policy to use the tool with caution because of its unreliability. The tool was identified as having little value and was requested to be turned off by the Strategy and Academic Affairs Directorate. 

See the article  AI in Education for further information. 


Assignments – Accessible Rubric Confirmation dialog box in Consistent Evaluation experience

To improve accessibility and clarity for screen reader devices, the Rubrics Confirmation dialog box that appears when users navigate away from scoring an assignment or discussion post using a rubric now features the following changes:

  • Screen reader-legible heading, text and buttons now appear in the dialog box.
  • The dialog box heading now says Unscored Rubric Criteria in place of Confirmation, to improve the workflow clarity for all users, including those using screen readers.

Assignments – Consistent settings and interface of availability dates across Brightspace

To improve consistency in activity tools, this feature updates settings and the format of availability dates and states across Brightspace for both instructors and students.

With this release, the Assignments List tab displays availability dates and states closely aligned with other activity tools to make a unified content experience. Availability dates are displayed below the titles of assignments and the hover tooltip includes the information about start and end dates with settings to explain how the assignment appears to students before and after these dates.  

Quizzes – Improved workflows for large quizzes

This feature updates instructors' workflows for large quizzes in two ways.

Instructors can now use the Load More button on the initial page load if a quiz has more than 200 questions, sections, and question pools.

Also, instructors can now select multiple items and use drag and drop to rearrange the question list.

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