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August 2023 - 18/08/2023

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The new Brightspace release is available from 18 August 2023 10:00.


Announcements – Pin announcements to top of Announcement widget and tool page

With this release, instructors and administrators can now pin announcements to the top of the Announcement Widget and Tool pages, allowing important information to remain visible. Pinned announcements are indicated as such with the use of a new pinned icon that appears on the announcement.

Rubrics – Pop-out details provide increased evaluator awareness

Rubric pop-outs now provide more details including activity title, course name and name of the student. The evaluator name only appears if it is explicitly assigned; implicit evaluators' names do not appear with the additional details. These additional details are critical for new multi-evaluation workflows, where evaluators can have access to view and edit multiple rubrics concurrently. However, having the additional activity details in the single-evaluation experience also provides consistency across all evaluator experiences.

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