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January 2022 - 21/01/2022

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The new Brightspace release is available from 21 January 2022 10:00.

Browser Support

Brightspace Learning Environment – Supported browsers

With this release, Brightspace Learning Environment's browser version check now displays warnings for browsers earlier than the following versions:

  • Chrome 93 (released in August 2021)
  • Safari 13 (released in September 2019)
  • Firefox 91 (released in August 2021)
  • Edge 93 (released in August 2021)

User using these browsers will still be able to access Brightspace, however the supplier will no longer test Brightspace against these older versions.


Calendar – Improvements to Date and Time Selection Web Components

This release updates the date and time picker in Brightspace to include the following changes:

  • The Set to Today button is renamed to Today. The Today button continues to set the date and the time based on the context. For example, choosing Today for an End Date sets the current date and sets the time to 11:59 PM.
  • A Now button has been added that sets the current date and time. The Today and Now buttons only appear when a date and time are required. When only a date is required, only the Today button appears which functions the same as the Now button.
  • The Today, Now, and Clear buttons are center-aligned in the date and time picker.

Discussions – Scoring Rubric drop-down for evaluations

To make the Discussion evaluation consistent with the Assignments evaluation, this feature adds the Grading Rubric drop-down to the sidebar menu. This allows the instructor to choose a grading rubric when evaluating a discussion.

Content - Pace Course

This release also features an enhancement to the content called Pace Course.

When using Pace Course Brightspace will suggest when to start teaching different course materials in chronologically sequenced content units.

When you pace a course, you define a start and end date for pacing content units evenly within the specified date range. 

This can be modified at any time and is only visible to instructors (it does not affect when content is available to students, this is controlled by the availability dates). It is useful for keeping to a set schedule and ensuring there is enough time to complete all materials in the allotted time.

Please keep in mind that when using Pace Course it will not account for holidays or breaks that occur during the period your course is active.

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