Known Issues

This article covers the current known issues in Brightspace. 

Last updated - 23/01/2020

1. HTML Editor - Cannot copy text format

Issue reported: 23/01/2020

Summary: Font, color and style can not be copied and pasted within HTML files. 

Cause: This issue is caused by a bug in the system. At this time the bug is under investigation by our supplier's development teams.

Planned date for fix: Not yet known. 

When does the issue occur?

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go to the Content area of your course
  2. Click on Edit of an existing HTML document
  3. Select and copy formatted text (e.g. headings, bold or colored text).
  4. Paste the formatted text 

Expected behavior:  The copied text retains it's formatting.

Observed behavior: The text is pasted without formatting. 

Workaround - Available


Although the workaround is cumbersome, it is possible to retain the formatted text when you copy and paste the HTML source code. 

Please follow the steps below if you want to copy and paste formatted text:

  1. Create or Edit an HTML document
  2. Click on the HTML Source Editor Icon </>
  3. Copy the HTML source code
  4. Paste the copied code as desired.

1.1. Workaround - Available

There is another workaround available, which makes things slightly easier. 

  1. Copy all content to a text editor such as Microsoft Word. This will include any and all hyperlinks in the content.
  2. Make all desired changes.
  3. Copy the text from your text editor and paste it into a HTML-converter, such as
  4. Copy the source code generated by the converter and paste it into the HTML Source Code Editor in Brightspace.

This workaround does not guarantee 100% success, but aims to simplify HTML editing. Using third party tools such as the HTML-converter is always at your own risk.