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Step-by-step plan: Mediasite

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This article provides an organized roadmap for using Mediasite during a live session.

What do I take with me?

  • Make sure you can log in with your UCLN account. Bring your smartphone for authentication.
  • Request a recording or live stream well in advance from the video coordinators
  • Think about whether you want to set up a moderator. For more information see moderator.
  • Presentation (it is helpful to put the PowerPoint on a USB flash drive).
  • Pick up a microphone and transmitter at the front desk.

If you don't want to use a Mediasite recorder, you can pick up a webcam. See the image below to see where you can pick up a webcam. Use one of the other applications (Zoom, Teams, Kaltura Live Room) to record or live stream the session.

Step-by-step plan

  • Open your presentation on the desktop in the room. Open Firefox or Google Chrome on the room computer.
  • Test the microphone. 
  • The recording will begin automatically as scheduled by the video coordinators.


  • The video coordinator will send a link of both the live stream and the recording that you can share with students.


During a session, the presenter can answer questions posed in the Q&A. However, it is helpful to appoint a moderator. The moderator supports the presenter by observing and regulating the questions. This can be done directly during a live session, or it can consist of an individual answering after the session. The questions remain available until the session is deleted.


Are you encountering any problems? Please contact the ISSC Helpdesk (+31 71 527 8888 or [email protected]).

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