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Who can access Zoom?

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This manual explains who has access to Zoom.


All students, faculty and staff have access to Zoom through Leiden University. The use of the Zoom licence from Leiden University is safer and offers more possibilities. For example, a free licence can only host sessions with up to 100 participants, while the standard education licence allows up to 300 participants. In addition, the university offers a licence on demand to increase the number of participants up to 1000 participants if needed.

To gain access go to: The following screen will appear:

  • Click on Sign in
  • Log in with your UCLN 
  • If you have used your university email address to register a Zoom account in the past, you will be asked if you want to link it to the domain of Leiden University.  Please click on Yes.

Staff or students with a guest account (created in GMS), including LUMC staff, always have to log in to Zoom first at

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