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  • Add menu: Via this menu, you can add videos and quizzes to the  Leiden University video portal.
  • (Sub-)Categories: The different headings on the navigation bar.
  • Channels: A special group made up of videos that are only accessible to members of this group.
  • Creative Commons Licenses: Freely available standard licenses that allow the copyright owner to determine to what extent his or her work may be redistributed, and under what conditions. For more information, see:
  • Embedding: On the video portal, embedding is used to display YouTube videos without going to the Youtube site.
  • Metadata: Additional information associated with videos on the video portal.
  • ‘My Media’-page: Personal section of the video portal where all videos are owned by the user. Everyone has their own 'My Media' page. You can't access other people's 'My Media' page.
  • Navigation bar: This bar contains the different categories and subcategories that the University uses to organize its videos.
  • Playlist: A manually created collection of videos on the video portal.
  • Search bar: Enter your search terms here to find videos. For more information about the search behavior of the search function on the video portal, see the supplier's site:
  • Site header: Web page frame that always stays at the top of the web page. In the site header, you will find the Leiden University logo, the navigation bar, the search bar, the add menu and the user menu.
  • Terms of Use: To use the video portal, you must agree to the site's terms of use. 
  • Thumbnail: Reduced image or photo.
  • User menu: Through this menu, you can log in and navigate to your media, playlists and channels.
  • Video file: A video file is a file format that contains moving images. For more information about accepted video files, see the supplier's site:
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