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4. Adding Hotspots

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This article explains how to add hotspots to videos on the video portal.

A hotspot is a piece of additional information or a link somewhere on the screen. Videos on the video portal support this feature and it is very easy to use. To add a hotspot to your video, it must first be opened in your My Media list.

  • Go to My Media.
  • Click Actions and choose Launch Editor.
  • To the left of the Video Editor, choose the third icon (bottom).

In the new Hotspots screen you choose when you want to show a hotspot. You can do this in the following ways:

  • Click the preview window where you want to place the hotspot.
    • Start the video and click Add hotspot here if you want to place the hotspot.
  • Click on a spot in the timeline and then click on Add Hotspot.
  • Choose a more specific moment on the timeline by dragging the marker to the correct moment and then clicking Add Hotspot.

When the hotspot has been added, the following window will appear:

  • For a standard text -with or without a link- the above screen will suffice.
  • In Advanced Settings you can also adjust the appearance of the hotspot:

In Advanced Settings you can create the Hotspot using the above options.

  • When you're done editing. Click Done.

The hotspot has been added and will be visible and selected to the left of the preview screen. You have the option to change the duration of the hotspot by dragging the start or end of the yellow box below the preview screen.

  • You can also choose to edit, duplicate or delete the hotspot by clicking the More option.
  • When you are done adding, deleting or editing hotspots, click Save on the right side of the screen to save all edits.
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