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How do I secure my Live Room?

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 This article explains how to protect the Live Room and how to deal with unwanted participants.

How do I set a password?

 A password can be set on the Live Room, which means that guest participants must enter a password if they want to access the Live Room.

The Live Room password is only required if you enter the Live Room via the direct invitation link. A user with a ULCN account using the Join Live Room button can enter the Live Room without a password.

To do this, follow these steps:

  • Click the gear icon in the top menu bar of the Live Room.
  • Go to the Access & Security tab.
  • Select Require a password.
  • Enter a password.
  • Click Save.

How can I get access without a ULCN account?

People who have not been added to the Brightspace Classlist or user list (video portal) cannot access the Live Room. If you want to give people without a ULCN account access to the Live Room, you can request a guest (GMS) account. Please contact the GMS contact person in the link below:

Request a Guest (GMS) account.

Another option is to create a password for the Live Room and only share it with the people without a ULCN account.

How do I use the Waiting Room?

A waiting area can be set up for the Live Room.

When the closing icon is open, the Live Room is open to everyone. Click on the icon to close the door and place incoming users in the waiting area :

If the lock icon is closed, the room is locked. By clicking on the lock icon, the door is unlocked.

How do I remove a participant from my Live Room?

If you want to remove a participant from the Live Room, you can do so in the following way:

  • Click the downward-pointing arrow next to the name in the Participants list.
  • Scroll down to the Remove from room button and click it.
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