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Troubleshooting Zoom

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An overview of known problems within Zoom with matching solution.

Screen name does not show maiden/married name

Currently, the Single Sign On (SSO) integration for Zoom does not allow the maiden/married name to be copied into your screen name.

We are working to solve this problem for everyone. Thank you for your patience, we understand this is frustrating.

Pausing Zoom recording

At this time, we cannot recommend using the pause function during a zoom session recording.

Pausing the recording results in the creation of two files (one for the pause session and one or more for the sessions after the resumption of recording) of which only one of the two fragments is transferred to Kaltura after the recording has stopped.

One solution is to stop recording instead of pausing.

Not able to login with SSO due to a previously registered Zoom account

If you previously had a registered (paid) account with Zoom with your university email address, there are two ways to consolidate your account into the university license.

  • Log in to and follow the steps.
  • If the first solution does not work, request a manual transition via  [email protected].
    • Mention in the service request that you could not consolidate the account through and that you are requesting manual consolidation.
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