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How do I change my In Meeting settings in advance? (Advanced)

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This manual covers the In Meeting (Advanced) settings, which can be found under Settings in the  Zoom  portal of Leiden University.

The settings can be reached and changed in the following way:

Report to Zoom

Users cannot report unwanted behavior during a meeting to Zoom's Trust and Safety team.

This option is disabled and 'Locked by admin'.

The host or a participant of the meeting can of course report undesirable behaviour to the University of Leiden.

Always be complient to the Code of Conduct Remote Teaching.

Breakout room

Hosts have the option to divide the participants of a meeting into smaller meetings (Breakout rooms).

The host also has the option to pre-schedule meeting participants in Breakout rooms.

To do this, select Allow host to assign participants to breakout rooms when scheduling.

Remote support

Enabling Remote Support allows you to remotely control and restart a Windows or macOS computer. The user who starts the Remote support session can:

  • Request desktop management.
  • Request application management.
  • Request a computer restart.


Closed captioning and Save Captions

In a meeting, a host or attendees can add closed captions to the meeting. These closed captions can then be saved by the participants.

Language Interpretation

The host can assign a participant as an interpreter to interpret a language in real time.

  • The host can assign the interpreter when scheduling a meeting or during the meeting itself.
  • Languages can be added by clicking on the + icon.

Far end camera control

It is not possible for a participant to gain control over other people's camera during a meeting.

Both users, both the person requesting this option and the person granting the check, will have to have this option on.

This feature is disabled and locked by the admin to ensure the safety and control of your camera.

Group HD video

If this option is enabled, it is possible to improve the quality of the video for both the host and the participant. However, this will consume more bandwidth and may be at the expense of the meeting

By default, this option is set to Standard HD (720P), which can be increased to Full HD (1080P).


Virtual background

It is possible to change your background during a meeting, in order to keep your environment private for other participants of the meeting.

This option can be used with or without a green screen, it is also possible to use videos as a virtual background.

  • Select allow use of videos as virtual backgrounds

This feature is only compatible with Mac OS 10.9+ or Windows 7+.

Video filters

It is possible for a participant to apply filters to their video. This option is only available with Zoom version 5.2.0 or later.

Immersive view

The host has the ability to manage case-specific scenes during a meeting if you enable this option.

This involves projecting a classroom or meeting room for their meeting or webinar.

This option is only available with Zoom version 5.6.3 or later.

Identify guest participants in the meeting/webinar

Participants who belong to your account can see that a guest (someone who does not belong to your account) participates in the meeting or webinar. The list of participants indicates which participants are guests. The guests themselves do not see that they are listed as guest.

Auto-answer group in chat

It is not possible to allow users to add others to an Automatic Response Group. Calls from members of a user's Auto Answer Group are automatically answered for that user.

Only show default email when sending email invites

It is allowed to invite participants by e-mail, by using the default mail program on their computer

Use HTML format email for Outlook plugin

If the Outlook plugin is used, the text in the invitation will be formatted in Zoom's HTML format instead of plain text.

If you disable this feature, the text in the invitation will be visible to the invitee as plain text in the invitation email.

Allow users to select stereo audio in their client settings

If this option is enabled, sharers have the option to select stereo sound during a meeting.

Show “Always join from browser” option when joining from

If this option is enabled, participants who open a meeting invitation in the browser are given the option to always participate in a meeting via the browser.

Allow livestreaming of meetings

It is not possible to live-stream meetings.

Show a custom disclaimer when starting or joining a meeting

Leiden University has a tailor-made disclaimer that is displayed at the beginning of meetings, which is not customizable.

Request permission to unmute

Select this option while scheduling a meeting to ask permission to unblock meeting and webinar participants.

Consents once given shall apply to all meetings scheduled by the same person.

This option is only available in version 5.2.1 or later and is disabled by default.

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