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How do I change my account and profile settings?

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This article covers the profile settings, which can be found under 'Profile' in the  Zoom portal of Leiden University.

The settings can be reached and changed in the following way:

At the top of the profile page of the Zoom portal you will see your name and thumbnail. If you click on the Edit button on the right you can change yours department, title, company and location. The other settings such as name are not customizable.

Click on one of the following items to view and change the settings:

Next to several settings you will see 'Locked by Admin'. These settings are not customizable and pinned by the administrator for security and privacy reasons. 


Under the heading Personal you can change your phone number, language, time zone and date and time format.


  •  Click Add Phone Number to add your mobile phone number.
  • In the next screen, select your country and enter your phone number.
  • Once you've entered it, click Continue.
  • In the next screen, you'll be prompted to verify your phone number.
  • If you click Continue, you will receive a verification code that you will need to enter in the next screen.


  • Click edit to change Zoom's preferred language.
  • Then select the language
  • Click Save.

Time Zone

  • To change the time zone, click edit.
  • From the drop-down menu, select your time zone.
  • Click Save.

Date Format

  • The time format is set to mm/dd/yyyy by default, to adjust this click edit. 
  • In the drop-down menu, you will see different date formats displayed.
  • Select the format you want and click Save.

Time Format

  • As a time format, you can choose between a 12- or 24-hour view.
  • Click edit to change the time display to the view you prefer.


Under the heading 'Meeting' you can change your Personal Meeting ID (PMI), personal link and password (Host Key).

Personal Meeting ID

Your PMI is used for instant meetings, by clicking on the eye next to your PMI, it is hidden. You will also see your personal invitation link:

  • Click Edit to change your Personal Meeting ID.

Je kan er ook voor kiezen om je PMI niet te gebruiken voor instant meetings door Use Personal Meeting ID for instant meetings uit te vinken. Als je deze optie uitschakelt moet je voor elke meeting in je personal meeting room een nieuwe link genereren. Op deze manier houdt je de Personal Meeting Room alleen voor jouzelf.

Personal Link

You can create a personal link that works as an alias for your PMI link.

In the Personal Link Name input field you can enter the desired name, this generated link will have the same function as your PMI link.

Host Key

With Host Key you will see the password that comes with your Personal Meeting Room:

  • Click Edit to change it.
  • Click on the eyelet next to the asterisks to display the Host key.


Under Account, you will find information about your license and your account number. The standard license for Leiden University allows meetings up to 300 participants with an unlimited duration.

Sign in

Two-factor Authentication

Zoom's Two-factor Authentication is disabled, as of June 29, Zoom will also require Multi-Factor Authentication if you log in with your ULCN data.

It is of course possible to set up a 2-factor authentication of Zoom for improved security:

  • Click Turn on.
  • In the new screen, you can enter a password that serves as a second security.

Linked Accounts

Under Linked Accounts you will find your linked accounts, this is for the time being your outlook mail and the Single Sign-On (with which you log in with your ULCN).

You also have the option to log out of your Zoom account from all your devices:

  •  Click sign me out of all devices.

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