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How do I use the Live Room buttons?

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Camera and microphone

  • The camera icon starts/stops the camera feed.
  • The microphone icon turns the microphone on/off.


To add files to the Live Room, click the Files tab.

The following file types are supported:

  • Presentations — .PPTX
  • Video — .MP4, .MOV, .AVI, .WMV
  • Photo/image — .PDF, .PNG, .JPG
  • Document — .DOCX
  • Spreadsheet — .XLSX
  • Audio — .MP3

Adding large files may take a while. Videos and animations from presentations are not included.

  • Click Files.

In the Course Files window, you can manage the files. The file pop-up displays the following items at the top:

  • A Search search field that allows you to search the current course files.
  • Select the Global search option to search in all subfolders.
  • An Add folder button to add a folder to your course files.
  • An Add file button to add files to the course.
  • When you add a file and select it, the following buttons will be displayed:
    • Delete
    • Rename
    • Download
    • Share

Sharing a file requires a number of steps:

  • If you select a file and click the Share button, a pop-up opens :
  • Click the slider on the right side of the pop-up.
  • The pop-up will display the following:
  • The generated link can now be copied and shared.

If the files are added in the Live Room, there are two options:

Add to playlist

  • Adds files to the playlist.


  • Play the currently selected file immediately.

It is possible to select multiple files, holding down shift when selecting.


 If you click Chat in the navigation bar, it will be shown or hidden. When you first open the chat window, it looks like this:

If you haven't been in a chat and there are unread messages, here's what it looks like:

Als je al in een chatroom bent en er zijn ongelezen berichten, dan wordt dit getoond zoals hieronder:

Once you are in a 'Room Chat' you will see a different window :

  • In the chat there are 3 types of chats:
    • Live Room chat.
    • Q&A chat, which can be filtered by:
      • All questions
      • Unanswered questions
      • Questions answered
    • Moderator chat, this chat is only visible to moderators, where they can chat among themselves.

In the chat window you can click on the arrow next to a username:

You will then have the following options:

  • Reply to their message
  • Start a private chat

Click X to close the chat window.


The attendee window is different for a participant, a space administrator, or a created moderator.

  •  By clicking the Participants button in the toolbar, you can open or hide the participant list.

Participants from a regular participant point of view

As a regular participant you only have rights to search through the participant list. They can also see what type of device is used. The user in the screenshot below uses a computer as shown by the laptop icon.

Participants from a moderator point of view

As a moderator or manager for a room you are allowed to grant rights to users on a global or individual level. The global options can be found in the top of the participants screen as shown below with notably. It also shows the participant counter next to the participants pane title.

In the top of the black bar of the 'Participants' pane you will see a dotted menu. When you click on this menu you get the option to clear all raised hands.

In the moderator options, you will see a search bar.

  • At the right side of the search bar, you can see four icons, these allow you to:
    • Enable Whiteboard (for everyone).
    • Disable chat.
    • Turn on or turn off all cameras.
    • Mute or unmute all microphones.
  • A User that raised their hand will be both:
    • Put on top of the participant pane.
    • Show a raised hand icon behind their name as shown below.

In the image above you can see three icons below where their user name is supposed to be.

  • Make the participant go live (if their camera and/or microphone have been granted rights and activated). If the button is gray the person is not live, when set to be live, it is red.
  • Turn on/turn off their camera.
  • Mute/unmute their microphone.
  • Next you can also grant rights on an individual basis by pressing on the downward pointing arrow to the far right of their name (below the computer/tablet icon) as shown below.

Once you've clicked the downward arrow the following options appear:

  • These rights include:
    • Set as moderator.
    • Set as captioner 
    • More permissions 
    • Demote to view only (the participant can no longer go live).
    • Remove from the room (remove a user from the room when they are misbehaving).
  • The more permissions option opens a popup window with extensive options for that specific user as shown below.
  • In the 'More permissions' window you can set the following permisions.
    • Set as moderator.
    • Set as captioner.
    • Draw on Whiteboard (Draw on whiteboard and annotate files).
    • Play shared files (play files from the playlist and control playback on stage).
    • Share their screen (Share selected screens, applications and/or browser tabs).
    • Write notes (collaborate in the class notes tool).
    • View participant list.
    • Group chat (you can enable or disable a user from using the group chat).
    • Ask questions (you can enable or disable a user from using the Q&A chat).
    • Start 1:1 chats (you can enable or disable a user from using the private chat function).
    • Demote to view only.
    • Remove from room.
  • Opening or hiding the Participants pane is for your session only.
  • Press the ‘X’ to close the ‘Participants’ window.

Note that a participant cannot override these mutes and shutdowns. You will have to manually turn them on again for them to be able to communicate again.

If for whatever reason a person gained entry that is misbehaving you can simply remove them from the live room by following these steps:

  • Click on the downward pointing icon next to their name in the 'Participants' list.
  • Scroll down to the 'Remove from room' button and clicking it.


The Playlist feature allows you to create a playlist, where you can queue videos and uploaded files. These will be shown in the Live Room session.

  • You can search the playlist by entering a search query.
  • You can rearrange the items in the playlist by dragging the items.
  •  To play an item in the playlist, click on the item.


The Notes feature provides a place where moderators can take notes.

  • By clicking the Notes tab, you hide or display the Notes panel.
  • These notes can be created using the options in the small toolbar above:
    • Bold
    • Slanted
    • Underlined
    • List: point-by-point
    • List: with numbers

 To send notes to the session participants, click Broadcast Note.


 The Invite function allows people who do not have direct access via the video portal or Brightspace to enter the Live Room.

To invite people, click Invite.

  • Then click Copy to copy and share the link to the Live Room with the participants.
  • There is also the option to send an invitation by e-mail.
    • Click the corresponding email icon.

Quick Poll

Quick Polls offer a way to get structured, real-time feedback from participants without having to set anything up in advance.

To start a Quick Poll, click on the bar chart icon:

There are 4 polls available:

  •  Green check/ red x: 
    • Ask for yes/no
  •  Happy/neutral/sad: 
    • For voting polls
  •  A/B/C/D: 
    • For multiple-choice polls
  •  1/2/3/4/5: 
    • For Likertscale polls

After selecting the polling option, the poll is started for the participants. They see the answer options and can click on their reply.

Hosts and moderators see the results of the Poll coming in when participants respond to the Poll. Results are displayed as aggregated results with percentages of the number of participants who have started a poll, as well as the percentage answered and indications of what each participant has selected in the participant list.

To end the Poll, you can choose whether or not to share the collected results. Participants do not see what other participants have answered and do not see the results of the poll at an aggregated level unless the poll is shared.

The sharing of results also ends the poll:

  • Click Share Results to share the results.
  • Quick poll results are now visible. Exit the 'Poll' by clicking X.

Click End to stop the Poll without sharing the results.

Full screen

To switch the Live Room window to a full screen, click the icon as shown below:

Click ESC to exit Full Screen mode. If that doesn't work, there is also the button to exit it :

Raise hand

An icon that is only visible to participants is the raised hand icon. For moderators, the participant's name will be visible at the top of the attendee window with their hands raised.

Leave / end session

To leave or end a session in the Live Room, use the last icon in the toolbar. This is a red icon with a door:

Leave as participant

If you click this icon, you will be prompted to confirm if you want to leave the session if you are a participant.

When you leave the session as a participant, you will be given the choice to go back to the session.

Leave as moderator

 If you're a moderator of the Live Room, you'll be asked if the session should end for everyone or if you want to leave the session yourself.

Clicking End For Everyone will immediately remove everyone from the session. Only the moderator can restart the session. The following screen will be visible:

Disable 'Live' / 'Camera' or 'Mic' of participants

A Moderator can turn off a participant's video or microphone. See the example below:

To turn the participant's camera back on, you need to turn the camera on in the attendee window by clicking the muted camera icon.

The participant can use the webcam again.

In the bar at the top of the participant list is also the possibility to disable all webcams and microphones :

Hide / show webcams

At the bottom left is a button that allows you to hide or show participants' webcams. Hiding webcams can be useful if you have stability issues with the internet or your system.

Gallery / Active Speaker view

In addition to the Hide Webcams button, you have a button to switch between Gallery and Active Speaker display. This feature changes the view of the participants at the bottom.

  • In Active Speaker view, the videos of the last speakers appear either on stage or in the bottom row of videos.
  • Gallery view shows all attendees in view.
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