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Who has access to Kaltura Live Room?

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This article briefly describes who Live Room is available for and what you can do with it. Kaltura Live Room is an online tool that allows you to organize interactive lectures, seminars and meetings. Every employee account has the right to create a Live Room.

There are two types of Live Rooms:

  1.  Regular Live Room 
    1.  Allows up to 200 participants.
  2. Large Live Room
    1. Allows up to 350 participants (with 25 people showing on the screen at the same time). To use the Large Live Room you need to contact the video coordinator of your faculty
  • In a Live Room, you can give lectures using Powerpoint, Excel, Word, whiteboards, video, audio, desktop sharing, quizzes, and breakout rooms for group discussions, among other things.
  • Live rooms can also be recorded for later viewing.
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