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How do I host a Live Room?

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This article discusses how to start a Live Room.

On your channel page in the  Video Portal, you will find the Join Live Room button at the top right of the media list. If this is not the case, you must activate the Live Room.

Click the Join Live Room button to start the Live Room.

If you join a Live Room that someone hosts, there are two ways to enter this Live Room. Either through Brightspace or the video portal. 

How do I participate in a Live Room? (moderator/manager)

  • Open the channel where the Live Room is turned on by clicking the title.
  • Click the Join Live Room button.

How do I participate in a Live Room? (Participant)

  • Go to Channels in the menu bar.
  • Click the tile with the correct channel name to open the channel.
  • Click the Join Live Room button.

How do I host a Live Room via Brightspace?

When you host a session through Brightspace, users will access the Live Room via the Join Live Room button.

The Join Live Room button can be accessed using the following steps:

  • On the right side of the page, just below the blue navigation bar, you will see the Join Live Room button.
  •  Click to start your session.

How do I add moderators?

If you are a host of the Live Room, there is the option to add additional moderators. They can mute attendees again and manage the chat.

This can be done in two ways: in Brightspace and the video portal.

  • In Brightspace, add a user to the Classlist and set the user role to one of the following roles to become a moderator in your Live Room:
    • Instructor
    • Assistant Instructor
    • Marker/ Grader
    • Course Builder

To add moderators via the video portal, see this article.

How do I host a Live Room through the Videoportal?

When hosting through the video portal, each channel is set to 'Private' by default. This means that all students must be invited to the channel as a member.

The faculty video coordinator can help invite all students in large numbers, as long as you can provide the ULCN account names or email addresses in a list.

If anyone with a ULCN account can access your channel and the Live Room, you can also set the channel to Restricted.

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