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How do I determine in advance what is heard and visible in my meeting?

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This article covers the 'Schedule Meeting' settings, which can be found under Settings in the  Zoom  portal of Leiden University.

The settings can be reached and changed in the following way:

Hoe bepaal ik wat hoor- en zichtbaar is tijdens mijn meeting?

In the Schedule Meeting section, it is possible to determine which audio and video are visible during the meeting. You can also set whether you want to show your PMI.

Host video

This option determines whether the host starts the meeting with their camera on or off.

If you enable this option, the host will start the meeting with image. Turn off the option if for any reason you don't want to start the meeting with video image.

Participants video

This option determines whether the participants start the meeting with their camera on or off. This option is not customizable

Participants enter the meeting without their own video feed enabled.

Audio Type

With this option you can determine how participants can participate in the audio part of the meeting.

There are three options, you can let participants choose from:

  • Phone and computer audio.
  • Telephone.
  • Computer audio.

Allow participants to join before host

If you enable this option, participants can enter the meeting before the host is present.

  • Check the Box for Participants can join [time] before start time.
  • Set a time for participants to enter the meeting in advance.

Personal Meeting ID

Enable Personal Meeting ID

Your Personal Meeting ID (PMI) is a 9 to 11 digit number associated with your account, which gives access to your own personal meeting room' This option is enabled by default.

If this option is enabled, participants will see your PMI and they can (i.c.m. the password) access your personal meeting room.

Turn off this option if you always want to generate a unique meeting link/ID.

 Use Personal Meeting ID (PMI) when scheduling a meeting

You can use your PMI when you schedule a meeting. Please note that your PMI ensures that participants have access to your personal meeting room. However, it is always accessible with the same Meeting ID and personal link. It is therefore not recommended to use PMI in back-to-back meetings or with people you do not meet regularly.

By default, this option is disabled to generate a unique meeting link/ID at all a time.

Use Personal Meeting ID (PMI) when starting an instant meeting

For a direct meeting with a participant who is known, you can use your PMI so that it immediately ends up in your personal meeting room.

This option is enabled by default.

Mute all participants when they join a meeting

If this option is enabled, all participants are automatically muted when entering the meeting. The host can determine whether participants can unmute themselves.

This option is enabled by default.

Upcoming meeting reminder

If this option is enabled, your desktop will receive notifications from upcoming meetings. The time you are reminded can be set in the Zoom Desktop Client.

This option is automatically enabled.

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