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How do I manage my Live Room?

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This article explains how to manage your Live Room.

Analytics, overviews of all files, and attendance statistics are available for all Live Rooms that you own or manage. These options are all available through

To use these options, follow these steps:

If you are not redirected to the admin page and haven't been in a Live Room lately, you will need to enter a Live Room first before you visit: 

The following parts are discussed, click on the link to go directly to the relevant section :

Customize avatar and display name

You can change your live rooms avatar and display name when you're signed in to To do this, follow these steps:

  • In the right corner of the screen, press the downward-pointing arrow.
  • Click Profile.

In the pop-up above you can see an image of the logo of Leiden University. To get your own image here, click where the image should be and a pop-up window will appear that can upload an image for an avatar.

Below the image states Display name. Here you can change what your name looks like when you're logged in. 

However, we recommend that you do not change this because the chosen naming convention allows a teacher to access this page and checks this convention to make sure that you are logged in, correctly.


The second tab Quizzes shows an overview of all quizzes created within a course. You can also create new quizzes. Within the Quizzes tab, you can view the results of the quizzes taken.

  • Go to the Results tab within Quizzes.
  • In the Results panel, you can see a global overview of the quizzes taken in the course:
    • Select a quiz result that you want to see more details about.
    • A new window opens with a number of statistics in the main image.

The statistical view shows how many people took the quiz, what their results were and how long it took on average to finish the quiz.

  • Click Average score to see the average score per question in detail.
  • Click Export to export the results. There's going to be a. CSV file containing the results of each participant, including the answers to open questions.

Individual results can also be viewed by clicking on the participant's name in the Results panel.


 In the Files tab, you can view all the files uploaded to your courses by yourself and other hosts. You can also prepare your Live Roomfiles here instead of from the actual Live Room.

Session stats

 The Session Stats tab gives you access to analytical statistics for your courses and sessions and allows you to export them.

  • In the All courses drop-down menu, you can select one or more courses for which you want to see the statistics.
  • In the field to the right of All courses, you can select the date range using the selections below.

After selecting which courses and date range to view, you can view the global metrics for that selection:

  • Sessions show how many sessions have been within the chosen date range.
  • Students show the total number of students who attended the sessions.
  • Total Class Hours shows the total number of hours the sessions involved.

Below the global statistics is a list of the sessions you have had and you can see some more specific information about those sessions:

When you click on a specific session, you can see additional statistics for that session.

The Export button in the session statistics gives you a .xlsx file that contains the above statistics.

Chat history

In the Chat History tab, you can read and export the chat history of that session.

Be aware that reading and exporting the chat should be done in compliance with the GDPR rules.

If a part of the chat history is needed before 13 December 2020, you can contact the  ISSC  Helpdesk.

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