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How do I change the meeting settings during a meeting?

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This article explains how to change the settings while hosting a meeting. To change meeting settings before the meeting click here.

Open the zoom portal and start a meeting. For instructions on how to start a meeting click here. Then locate the toolbar at the bottom of your window. The toolbar is shown below.

The toolbar is hidden when you share the screen in a meeting. It appears when you move the cursor to the top of the screen.

When the meeting has started, you can change three items using the toolbar.

  1. Security
  2. Participants
  3. More


Once the meeting has started, click on Security in the control bar. You will then see a few options appear:

  • Lock Meeting: With this, you lock the meeting. No one can participate in the meeting anymore.
  • Enable Waiting Room: It is recommended that you always turn this option on for security reasons. This option allows you to regulate who participates in the meeting. 

Then you will see a heading Allow Participants to. These changes refer to the participants.  

  • Share screen: participants can share their screens.
  • Chat: Turns the chat on (tick) or off. 
  • Unmute themselves: participants can turn on their audio. 
  • Start video: participants can turn on their cameras.
  • Remove participant: This will remove a participant from the meeting immediately. 

Finally, you see the option Suspend Participant Activities. This disables all possibilities for participants. This means that participants cannot turn on their camera or audio. They cannot share their image and nobody can participate in the meeting anymore. You turn this off by manually ticking the options you want to allow. See the image and text above for an explanation.

Participants (individual)

You can make changes for participants both individually and collectively. How to make individual changes is explained in the paragraph below. If you want to make changes for all participants, click here.  

Click the Participants button on the toolbar to view a panel of participants. Move the mouse over the name of a participant and click on the More button on the right to adjust the settings for that person. You will see the following options:

  • Chat: With this option, you can start a chat. You can choose to send the message to the whole group or the participant himself. You can send a message to the participant by clicking on the name of the participant behind the header to:
  • Ask to Start Video: With this option, you send a direct message to a participant asking them to turn on their camera.
  • Pin: This option locks down the video image of a participant. Please note that this is only visible on your screen.
  • Make Host: With this option, you create a participant host. You lose the rights of the host. You can claim them back by hovering your mouse over your name. Click on More and choose Reclaim Host.
  • Make Co-host: With this option, you can make a participant Co-host. The participant now has the same rights as you. You can restore this by hovering with your mouse over the name of the Co-host. Click on More and choose Remove Co-Host Permissions
  • Rename: This allows you to change the name of a participant. Please note that this change is visible to the participant.
  • Put in Waiting Room: This option puts a participant in the waiting room. You can add the participant again in the usual way.
  • Remove: This option removes a participant from the meeting. Note that if you don't enable the Enable Waiting Room option, the participant can join the meeting again on his or her initiative. 

Participants (Collective)

It is also possible to make changes directly for all participants. Click on Participants. You see the following:

Click on the symbol with the three dots. You see the following:

  • Ask All to Unmute: this option sends a direct message to all participants asking them to turn on their microphones.
  • Mute Participants Upon Entry:  the option automatically mutes the microphones of all participants entering the meeting. 
  • Allow Participants to Unmute Themselves:  this allows the participants to turn their audio on and off.
  • Play Sound when someone joins or leaves: with this option you enable a notification. When a participant joins or leaves a meeting, you will hear a short sound.
  • Enable Waiting Room: it is recommended that you always turn this option on for security reasons. This option allows you to regulate who participates in the meeting.
  • Lock Meeting: with this, you lock the meeting. No one can participate in the meeting anymore.


The More option is visible in two ways. When no other window in the meeting (e.g. the chat or the participants' window) is switched on, the options appear next to each other on the bar as shown below:

If you do have a pane open in the meeting, these options appear together under the More button, as shown below:

  • Chat: opens the chat function. 
  • Record to the Cloud: with this, you record the meeting and download it directly to the Cloud. For more information, click here
  • Live Transcripts: this enables the option of transcribing the meeting.  For more information, click here.
  • Breakout Rooms: this allows you to create break-out rooms.  For more information, click here.
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