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Live Room Troubleshooting

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This article provides opportunities to resolve issues encountered in the Live Room.

Before continuing with this article, check the status website of Kaltura.

Hard refresh

Before you start troubleshooting any of the topics below, you'll need to make a hard refresh of your browser window (in the course's channel page or media gallery).

A hard refresh removes the cache memory and makes the latest version of the website visible. See this link for more information. To perform a hard refresh, run the CTRL+SHIFT+R combination and then the CTRL+F5 option.

For more information about deleting cookies, see this link.

 If the problem cannot be easily solved, please reproduce the problem and submit the support logs and contact the ISCC helpdesk. How to do this is stated in the chapter below.

Support logs indienen

If you're having trouble with the Live Room session, follow the steps below to submit support logs:

  • Click the gear icon in the Taskbar of the Live Room
  • Choose Device Settings
  • At the bottom of the window, click Contact Support

A new pop-up window opens where you can enter the problem.

Select the problem in question:

  • Webcam quality: When webcams cause problems in the session.
  • Microphone quality: When microphones cause problems in the session.
  • Content Playback: When content playback causes problems in the session. Describe the problem:

  • Describe the problem in the Message field.
  • Describe the steps you have taken to (re)produce the problems so that these problems can be checked and reproduced to arrive at a solution.
  • Select the Send logs box.

After you have submitted the support logs, a notification must be made to the ISSC  Helpdesk with the above information and the time you submitted the logs together with the link to the Live Room.

Attendees are not automatically set to 'Live'

The Live Room automatically starts in Large Room Mode, where attendees are not automatically 'Live'. You can change this by adjusting the Room Mode to Standard Room Mode, see the Room Mode article.

In addition, students must activate their cameras and microphones each time they enter a Live Room or Breakout Room.

Privacy settings: browser blocks webcam/mic

Your internet browser may block the webcam or microphone if a user has not released it.

  • See this  site for releasing your microphone/camera in Chrome.
  • See this  site for releasing your microphone/camera in FireFox.

Privacy settings: operating system blocks webcam/mic

Your operating system can block the webcam or microphone if a user hasn't released it.

  • See this  site for releasing your microphone/camera in Windows.
  • See this  site for releasing your microphone/camera in MacOS.

The Live Room is not accessible

When you get the message 'Waiting for the host to start the session', the moderator is not yet in the Live Room.

If you are the host, there are several reasons that can cause this message to appear. To solve this problem, you can take the following steps:

'Enable Live Room' option is not available

Is the Enable Newrow Live Room option not visible as shown below, while you're an employee? Please contact the ISSC to request access to the option.

Beeldscherm delen is niet mogelijk (MacOS)

If you are working with MacOS in a Live Room, permission must be granted to share the screen before it is possible. If you have not received a pop-up asking for permission, you can consult this  link to solve this issue.

Problems with session interruptions

 Live Room sessions may be interrupted and/or failed. There are a number of tips that reduce the chance of session interruptions:

  • Turn off your own camera: This reduces bandwidth and processing requirements.
  • Hide participants' webcams to limit bandwidth and processing requirements.
    • Click on Hide Webcams
  • Close all other programs:
    • Microsoft Office programs are heavy on the system.
    • Adobe is generally very heavy on the system.
    • All other software which is open, but not immediately needed.
  • Restart the browser and close all other tabs.
  • Restart your computer.
  • Try a different browser.
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