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How do I change my Audio Conferencing settings?

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This article covers Audio Conferencing settings, which can be found under Settings in the  Zoom portal of Leiden University.

The settings can be reached and changed in the following way:

Each Zoom invitation email contains a link to an international dial-in number, which can be used to dial in if a user is in that specific country.

By default, it is set for participants from Germany to dial in, to add countries, scroll to Global Dial-in Countries/Regions.

This option is enabled by default, if you disable this option, these dial-in numbers will not appear in the invitation email.

3rd Party Audio

3rd Party Audio allows you to use your own audio conferencing tools.

This option is disabled by default, if you enable it, the meeting will have some limitations.

See this link for more information about '3rd party audio'.

Mask phone number in the participants list

If a participant dials in at a meeting, the participant's number will be unrecognizable.

Global Dial-in Countries/Regions

To add countries and regions from which participants can dial in, click the pencil icon.

    • In the search for a country/region search field, you can search for a country or region.
    • On the right, you will see the selected countries and regions.
    • Click Save to close the screen.

The dial-in numbers of these locations appear in the email invitation and can be used by participants dialing in from those locations.

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