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10. Advanced Video Settings

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This article covers all the advanced options for videos.

Follow these steps to change the settings:

  • Go to 'My Media.
  • Click on the 'Edit' button next to the video whose settings you want to adjust.
  • Below the video player you will see a number of tabs:
    • Details
    • Options
    • Collaboration
    • Thumbnails (not for YouTube videos)
    • Downloads (not for YouTube videos)
    • Captions
    • Attachments
    • Timeline (not for YouTube videos)
    • Replace Video


Here you will find all the information fields (metadata) that can be associated with a video. Think: title, description, tags, faculty, etc. Some fields are mandatory. These will always be indicated with Required or Required To Publish.



  • Check Disable comments for this media to make all comments for your video invisible.
  • Check Close discussion (do not allow new comments) to not allow additional comments to your video.


  • Check the box to allow other users to reuse bits from your video.


Media Owner

  • Use this option to transfer ownership of a video to someone else. 
    • Only one person can be designated as the owner. A co-editor/publisher cannot make other people co-editor/publisher.

Media Co-Editors and Co-Publishers

  • Use this option to give others edit rights and share rights (publish rights) respectively.
    • A Co-Editor can adjust all post-processing and metadata settings. A Co-Publisher can share a video in all categories to which she is entitled.


Here you can add a file (ex: PDF file, PowerPoint presentation, Word file, etc) to your video. These files are then available to anyone who can watch your video.


Here you can add subtitles to your video using subtitle files (SRT or DFXP files).

  • Go to to download the subtitles of a YouTube video.
  • These are not automatically added when you add a YouTube video.


A thumbnail is small image by which people recognize your video. The thumbnail is initially formatted automatically. The video portal chooses a random frame from your video as the thumbnail.

Upload Thumbnail

  • Upload an image and set it as a thumbnail.


  • Choose a specific frame from your movie and set it as the thumbnail.


  • Choose a new thumbnail from ten randomly selected thumbnails.

This option is not available for YouTube videos.


Check the Download the source file box to activate the option to download a copy of your video from the video page (note that anyone who can view the video page can then also download the video, this is important to be aware of due to AVG guidelines).

This option is not available for YouTube videos.



  • Choose a time on the timeline and click Chapter to add a chapter. 
    •  Entering a title is necessary if you want to save a new chapter.


  • Choose a time on the timeline and click Slide to add a slide.
    • Entering a title is necessary if you want to save a new slide.

Replace Video

Use this option to replace your video with a new video file.

Trim Video

Use this option to shorten your video.

Your video will be edited! This operation is not reversible.

Create Clip

Use this option to create an edited or unedited copy of your video.

  • You can leave the start and end points unedited. 
  • By doing this, you are essentially making an unedited copy.


Use this option to delete your video.

This action is not reversible.

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