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9. Interactive Video Quiz (IVQ)

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This chapter explains how to create an Interactive Video Quiz. With an interactive video quiz (IVQ) it is possible to have a viewer answer several questions during the playback of a video. The creator of the quiz has all the data about the created quizzes at his disposal and can create reports from them.

Create a Quiz

  • Click Add New at the top right of the site header to see the menu options. 
  • Click Video Quiz to create a quiz using an existing video file in My Media.
  • Wait for the 'Editor/ Media Selection' web page item to load.
  • Click Select next to the video you want to use to create a quiz.
  • Wait until the Quiz Creator / Media Selection / Quiz Editor web page item is loaded.
  • Click on Start to create a new quiz and wait until the window reloads.
  • Click on the Details 
  • Under Quiz Name, enter a name for the quiz.
  • Under Welcome Message, enter a welcome message for the quiz candidate.
  • If you do not want a welcome message, you can uncheck Show Welcome Page.
  • De mogelijkheid om de vragenlijst te downloaden en de instructie om alle vragen te beantwoorden staan standaard aangevinkt. Als dit niet nodig is, kun je deze uitzetten.
  • Click on the Score tab
  • Choose between the options Do Not Show Scores and Show Scores 
  • Turn off Include Answers if you do not want to show the correct answers at the end of the quiz
  • Click on the Experience tab
  • Uncheck Allow Answers Change if you do not want to allow users to edit the answers before the quiz is completed
  • Skip For Now is selected by default to allow users to answer the question at a later time. Change this to Do not Allow Skip if you do not want this.
  • To add questions to the quiz, select a moment in the timeline when the question should be shown. You can do this by having the video play and stop at the desired time. Or by selecting a time in the timeline.

You can choose a question type by clicking on a highlighted type. If the correct type is highlighted (Multiple Choice, True/False or Reflection Point), click on this type to be able to add a question.

  • In the next screen you can add the question and the answers. 
    • With Multiple Choice you can add more incorrect answers by clicking on the sign (max. 4 answers including the correct answer)
  • When you have finished drafting the question click on Save.
  • You can always change the question by clicking on the cube icon in the timeline (and change the timing of the question by moving this cube across the timeline). 
  • When you have finished creating the quiz click Done
  • In the new window, you can choose to go back to the media page (Go to Media Page) or continue editing the quiz (Edit Quiz).
  • The video shown here is not the quiz. You can view it from the Media page. Click on Go to Media Page.
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