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How do I just upload a video into Kaltura?

This article explains how you upload a video into Kaltura.

Please see this article for the recommended complete workflow regarding Kaltura video's.

Upload your video into Kaltura My Media

  1. Go to your Brightspace Homepage 
  2. Click on My Brightspace 
  3. Click on Kaltura My Media

Go to Add New and select Media Upload

  1. Ensure you have read and checked the box regarding the terms and conditions
  2. Click on Choose a file to upload
  3. Select the video you want to upload from your computer and click on Open
  1. If your upload was successful you will see the confirmation bar as presented above
  2. Fill in the title (the file name is automatically filled in as a title)
  3. OPTIONAL: Add a description
  4. OPTIONAL: Add tags
  5. Choose the Faculty/Department to which the video is related.
  1. OPTIONAL: Select a language
  2. OPTIONAL: Select a creative commons value
  3. OPTIONAL: Fill in additional copyright license information
  4. Set the Publishing Schedule - "Always" is recommended
  5. Per default the video is automatically saved as private. Only after saving (step 6) are you able to publish the video.
  6. Click on Save. (You are now able to publish the video)
  7. Finally click on Go to My Media to go back to your Kaltura My Media page