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What are the consequences for my education when Brightspace replaces Blackboard?

As of September 2020 Leiden University started using Brightspace as the digital learning environment. Brightspace has replaced Blackboard. From September 30th 2020 onward Blackboard will exist as an environment for archival purposes only. 

Below you can find a list of the most frequently asked questions and their answers.

Can I enroll for and access courses in Brightspace the same way as in Blackboard?

Course enrollment works differently from Blackboard. Brightspace is integrated with uSis, meaning that whenever you enroll for a course in uSis, you are automatically enrolled in the corresponding Brightspace course.  

Please refer to this article for more information: How do I register for courses in Brightspace?

Go to Brightspace via this link:

As a student, do I have access to the Blackboard archive environment?

All (guest) students of Leiden University who still have access to Blackboard until 30-09-2020, will have access to the archive environment of Blackboard.

However, all courses will be closed for students. Students will have limited access to their own materials in Blackboard, such as Kaltura My Media.

Am I able to access my submitted work on Blackboard after 30 september 2020?

By default all courses of an academic year close on October 1st of following academic year. In practice this means that if you have taken a course in March 2020, you can not access the course anymore after 1 October 2020. This procedure will not change when Blackboard becomes an archive environment. 

What are my options when I want to access my submitted work or other course files in the Blackboard archive environment?

In exceptional cases you can contact the instructor of the course you need to retrieve a file from in order to access that file from the Blackboard archive environment. 

We recommend all students to download your submitted work on your local computer in case you want to store them. Make sure you do this before 30 September 2020. 

Am I able to access my grades in Blackboard after September 30th 2020?

Grades that have been published to the My Grades module in Blackboard will remain visible. 

What will happen to thesis courses in Blackboard that have not ended on 30 September 2020?

Thesis courses that have not yet ended on September 30th 2020 will be closed by default for students. Chances are your supervision will continue in another way. Nevertheless, your thesis supervisor might continue supervision in Blackboard in exceptional cases. 

If you have any doubts or questions about your thesis procedure and where you need to hand in your thesis after September 30th 2020, contact your thesis supervisor to ask about the possibilities.