Support site - BrightspaceStudents - English GroupsHow do I start a group discussion?

How do I start a group discussion?

Teachers can choose to create a topic per group. See How do I participate in a discussion? for more information about discussions.

A group discussion is only visible to group members and the teacher of the course.

Topics en threads

A topic within a forum is the place where you can post and read messages. 

Within this topic you can create a thread: a main message to which others can respond with a post.
You create a thread as follows:

  •  Click on a topic on the Discussions homepage. You see the description of the topic and all threads that have already been posted.
  • Click Start a New Thread.
  1. Select your own group.
  2. Enter a subject.
  3. Add the text, for example a question you want to ask or the reason why you are creating the thread.
  4. When you create a thread, you automatically receive notifications (e-mail notifications) when someone responds to your thread. If you do not want this, uncheck Subscribe to this thread.
  5. Click on Add attachments to add a file. Then click Upload and search for the correct file.
  6. Click on Post.