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Where can I see my grades in Brightspace?

Teachers have the opportunity to grade quizzes, assignments and discussions in Brightspace. They can also give a mark to work done offline, like an oral presentation. Grades can always be found in uSis, not all teachers will also publish the grades on Brightspace.  

Your final grade is published by uSis. If there is a discrepancy between your mark in Brightspace and the one on uSis, it is the mark in uSis that counts. If you suspect a mistake in uSis, contact the teacher of the course. 

Grades homepage

Click on Grades in the navbar of the course. You will be directed to the Grades Homepage.

On this homepage, you can find the assignments which are (to be) graded. The teacher chooses which assignment they asses on Brightspace, and whether grades are only entered on uSis. If the teacher gives you a grade on Brightspace, the following display options are possible: 

1. Grade item shows all the different components (assignments, quizzes etc) for which a teacher can enter a grade in Brightspace. 

2.  At Points, you can see how many points you have gained from the maximum number of points to be achieved. 

3. At Weight Achieved you can see the weight of the component and to what extent it contributes to the final assessment. 

4. At Grades, you can see your achieved grade. This can be a letter (A+, A, B, C, D, F), a number (1-10) or a textual assessment (insufficient, sufficient, good). 

5. There is also some room for the teacher to make a comment concerning the assignment, this can be seen at Comments and Assesments. This can contain either feedback on the assignment, or a more general message (like: thank you for the active participation). 

The details of graded items can also be seen in the assignment (or activity) itself. 

  • Navigate via Course Tools to Assignments, Quizzes or Discussions
  • Select the particular assignment, quiz or discussion.
  • Find the grade and feedback.