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Where can I find courses and how do I (un)pin courses?

This article explains where you can find courses and how you can (un)pin courses. 

It is possible that you registered for a course in uSis, but that the course is not (yet) visible in Brightspace. In most cases the instructor has not yet opened the content of the course. Courses and their content are visible for students on the start-date of the course. The instructor can set a specific date.

Pin a course to make it visible by default on your personal homepage. The first six courses which you are enrolled in are automatically on top. There are two ways to pin a course: via the Course Selector or via View All Courses on the homepage.

Pinning via Course Selector

  1. Click the Course selector icon on the minibar. A list with courses appears for which you are enrolled in uSis.
  2. Click the pushpin icon behind the name of the course you wish to pin or unpin:
    • Grey filled pushpin: the course is pinned to your homepage.
    • Empty pushpin: the course is not pinned to your homepage.
  3. Pinned courses will automatically appear at the top of the course list. 

If you are enrolled in twenty courses or more, the Searchbar is visible. If you are enrolled in courses from multiple faculties, or semesters, the Sort and Filter options will be available. Click Advanced Search to sort or filter the search results, for example by Semester or Department. Your last search appears on top of the course list, below the already pinned courses.

Pinning via View All Courses

  1. Go to the Brightspace homepage and click View All Courses.
  2. Search for the course you want to pin. When you hover over the image of the course three dots will appear.
  3. Click on the dots and click Pin.