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How do I register for courses in Brightspace?

This article explains how you can register for courses in Brightspace. The article will be structured as follow

The course registration works differently in Brightspace than you are used to in Blackboard. In fact, Brightspace is integrated with uSis. This means that when you register for a course in uSis, you are automatically registered in the corresponding Brightspace course.

This means that you always have to enroll in uSis to gain access to a Brightspace course (with very few exceptions).

What has changed in the registration method compared to Blackboard?

In Blackboard, you always had to register through the Course Catalog in order to access a course. In some cases the teacher did this for you in Blackboard.

To access a course environment in Brightspace, you must register for the course in uSis. Once you have registered in uSis for at least one study activity, for example the lecture or a workgroup, you will automatically be enrolled in the Brightspace course.

TIP! Enroll in uSis on time to access the Brightspace course.

Do you only want to consult the course in Brightspace without following education? Then register for the lecture of the course in uSis.

Registration in uSis by the study program

In some cases, the study program takes care of your registration for courses in uSis. In those cases you cannot register yourself in uSis. As soon as the program has registered you, you will also get access to the Brightspace course.

Exceptional cases - enrollment outside of uSis

In very exceptional cases you have to register for a course in a different way than via uSis. If this is the case, you will be informed by your own study program or teacher.

Not sure if this exception applies to you? View the Study Guide and search for the course you want to follow. If there is a different registration procedure, this will be stated here.

If there is nothing special and you have not received specific registration instructions from the study program or teacher, you can assume that you have to register via uSis in order to gain access to the Brightspace course.

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