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-NEW- Assignment Experience starting 16 July 2021

A new create and edit experience for Assignments is coming 16 July 2021. We would like to share an early preview of this update so that you can review it, prepare, and raise any questions you may have.

Why is this being implemented?

Brightspace supplier D2L is continually updating their product. The new interface will simplify tasks for first-time or infrequent users as well as make it easy to access the most used features directly. The interface of quizzes and rubrics has already been updated and the next functionality to undergo this update is Assignments. 

Interface change

The main difference between the new and old interfaces, is that the new interface has widgets on the right side. The old experience had tabbed options on the top. Here is a comparison of the two interfaces:

New Interface

Old Interface

The primary panel on the left contains common, frequently used fields that are always displayed. These fields are most relevant to learners and are the core details instructors want to add like a due date, instructions, and attachments.  

The panel on the right organizes additional, more advanced options such as start and end dates, rubrics, annotation tools, and Turnitin. These options have been logically grouped and labelled in a way that resonates with instructors and makes them easily discoverable. While these options are collapsed, summary text provides details about which settings are active and subtle hints that aid in the discovery of additional settings. As a result, you can see everything at a glance with little to no scrolling, and without having to navigate through any tabs.

Grades Integration

The new experience provides a new way of linking Grade Items to assignments. As soon as you enter a 'score out of' a new Grade Item is added with the same name as the assignment. If you have created your grade items in advance, you are still able to select an already created grade item and attach it to the assignment.

More information

The new Assignment experience will be implemented on 16 July 2021. Do not hesitate to contact Brightspace Support if you have any questions.