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How do I add a Kaltura Live Room to my course?

What is Kaltura Live Room?

Kaltura Live Room is an online tool with which you can host interactive tutorials. It is an environment in which you can show your powerpoint and give a lecture, show a video, have a quiz made or have students discuss amongst themselves in groups. If you want to know if this is suitable for your course, take a look at this site to make an informed decision.

Below this text, it is explained how a Kaltura Live Room can be started in the course and how students can get acces to this Live Room. For more information about the possibilities of Kaltura Live Room, see this manual.

Creating a Kaltura Live Room in a Brightspace course

To create a Kaltura Live Room, go to Course Tools > Kaltura Media Gallery within the course and click the Launch Live Room button. A new tab should open in your browser with a Kaltura Live Room.

Giving students acces to the Kaltura Live Room

Students can gain acces to the Kaltura Live Room in 2 ways.

Kaltura Media Gallery

Students can join the Kaltura Live Room by going to Course Tools > Kaltura Media Gallery and clicking the Join Live Room button.


The teacher can place a weblink to the Kaltura Live Room in their course. To place this weblink follow these steps:

  • Click Course Tools.
  • Click Kaltura Media Gallery.
  • Right click the Launch Live Room button and select 'Copy link adress'.
  • Go back to the course homepage and select the module where the weblink has to be placed.
  • Select Create New within this module.
  • Choose Weblink.
  • In the Link field you paste the link adress you copied earlier.
  • Choose a Display Name (e.g. Live Room) and select 'Open in a new tab'.
  • Click save.

Do not forget to make the link visible to students after you have checked to see that the link functions correctly.

The Kaltura Live Room link wil be permanently available to students, but the Live Room wil only be available when there is an instructor present in the Live Room. If students use the link when there is no intructor present, they will see a notification that the Live Room is not available and that they have to wait untill the host (an instructor) starts the session.