June 2020 - 19/06/2020

The new Brightspace release is available from 19 June 2020 10:00

New Features

Quick Eval - A Tool to Clearly Evaluate your Students Work

Quick Eval is a tool to evaluate your students work in a clear way. Quick Eval shows you work to be evaluated from Assignments, Discussion and/or Quizzes. Work that has to be evaluated handed in via other tools (e.g. P2P) are NOT shown in the list of Quick Eval. In general, this tool consists of two uses. The first one, the 'regular' Quick Eval, is course-specific and only shows you your items to be evaluated from the particular course you are visiting at that moment. A second use of this tool is a multi-course Quick Eval, where to be evaluated work from two or more different course is shown in one list. It is possible to filter the list based on course, date or activity name.

For more information about Quick Eval (both regular and multi-course) check out the Quick Eval topic.

Anonymous Marking - Evaluate Anonymous Submissions from Students

Anonymous Marking is a tool in Brightspace which allows you to mark your students Assignment submissions without you knowing the identity of the student. Anonymous Marking is only available for Assignments. In general, Anonymous Marking anonymizes the submitted work.

For more information on how to set up Anonymous Marking and how to use Anonymous Marking check out the Anonymous Marking topic.


Widgets - My Courses Widget Displays Unevaluated Assignment Submissions

The My Courses Widgets now displays new, unevaluated assignment submissions instead of unread assignment submission files to instructors. This change aligns the widgets with the Assignments page and the Quick Eval tool to consistently notify users of unevaluated submissions and help them to track their work.