How do I use Turnitin Grademark?

Turnitin's Feedback Studio can be used to assess and grade assignments. On this page, we will explain how to use rubrics in Feedback Studio and synchronize grades given in Feedback Studio with Brightspace.

Attaching a Rubric to a Turnitin Assignment

Assignments which have GradeMark enabled in Brightspace, can be assessed through the use of rubrics in Feedback Studio. Follow the steps listed below to attach a rubric to an assignment in Feedback Studio:

  • Open the assignment via Course Tools > Assignments
  • Open one of the submissions in the assignment
  • Open the assignment in Feedback Studio by clicking on “Launch Turnitin”
  • Click on Rubric/Form in the menu on the right side (See the button in the orange square in the screenshot below)
  • Click on the gear (Manage rubrics and grading forms)
  • Choose one of the existing rubrics from the Rubric Library, or make a new rubric
    • Choose whether you want standard, qualitative or a custom assessment
  • Apply to Rubric to the assignment by putting the slider “Attach to Assignment” to “On”

You can now use the rubric for assessing the assignments

Changing or detaching a rubric will remove all existing rubric scoring from papers in this assignment, including scorecards which have previously been marked. Overall grades for previously graded papers will remain.

Synchronize grade with Brightspace

The grade the assignment has been given in the Feedback Studio, can be taken in Grades in Brightspace. By following the steps listed below, grades can be imported automatically from the Feedback Studio:

  • Make sure that the assignment is linked to a grade item
  • Enable GradeMark
  • Select under transfer: Automatically sync grades as Draft in Brightspace

Grades that have been given in GradeMark, are now linked in Brightspace and are visible for students when the feedback of GradeMark is published