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Scenario 1 - 1 Assessment, no further details

Assessments + weighting

  • 1 exam 100%

Minimum requirements / conditions

  • No


  • Not registered in Brightspace

Gradebook settings

This concerns the 7 steps of the Setup Wizard. Take the steps through the Setup Wizard yourself  in Brightspace. Click the items below to see the answers which are specific to this scenario.

1. Choose Grading System

Weighted or Formula?

Weighted, because there are no minimum requirements and no conditions.

2. Final Grade Released

Calculated Final Grade or Adjusted Final Grade?

The scenario description does not indicate whether the teacher wants to adjust the final grade after calculation.

So then the default: Calculated Final Grade


Automatically release final grade?

The scenario description does not indicate whether the teacher wants to publish final grade automatically.

So then the default: NOT CHECKED

3. Grade Calculations

Drop ungraded items or Treat ungraded items as 0?

No preference is described in scenario description, so the default: Drop ungraded items


Auto update: Default = Automatically keep final grade updated.

4. Choose Default Grade Scheme

Rounding to 0.1, 0.5 or whole numbers for grade items?

Is not specified in the scenario, so the default:

Leiden Scheme_Partial Grade_Rounded off at 0.1_Pass 5.5

5. Managing View Display Options

This concerns the instructor view of the teacher.

Default = Nr of Decimals to display: 2

6. Student View Display Options

Grade Details

Only check the Grade Scheme Symbol.

Decimals Displayed

Default = Nr of Decimals to display: 1

Characters Displayed 

Default = Nr of characters to display: 50

Final Grade Calculation

Default = unchecked.

7. Set up the Gradebook

One assessment, therefore we need one grade item. 

Step 1: Create a Grade Item for the Exam
  • Type = Numeric
  • Name = Exam
  • Category = none
  • Max Points = 10
  • Weight = 100
  • Can exceed = do not check.
  • Bonus = do not check.
  • Grade Scheme = Default Scheme = Partial Grade Rounded off at 0.1, pass at 5.5.
  • Rubric = do not use
  • Display options = do not change
Step 2: Edit Calculated Final Grade

Change Grade Scheme for Final Grade to:

Final Grade Rounded off at 0.5_rule 5-6_Pass 6.0

Step 3: Enter numbers and check

Enter grades for one or two of the test students and check the calculations.